Zebras rolling in pits help give life to the Namib desert in Africa

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By Richard Kemeny

Zebra rolling successful  the dust

Dust and cover

Johan Swanepoel/Alamy

Rolling connected the crushed seems to beryllium indispensable to beingness – astatine slightest successful Africa’s Namib desert, wherever zebras bathe successful dust, creating pits successful the scenery that beforehand biodiversity.

The Namib godforsaken is simply a immense agelong of dunes and mountains on the coasts of Angola, Namibia and South Africa. It is the world’s oldest godforsaken and 1 of the driest.

Despite this utmost aridity, galore animals and plants person adapted to survive, including the Hartmann’s upland zebra (Equus zebra hartmannae). Herds unrecorded connected the …

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