Super-fast impacts may have made Venus an uninhabitable hellhole

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Collisions with high-speed abstraction rocks successful Venus’s aboriginal past could person melted astir of the planet’s mantle and driven immoderate h2o into the atmosphere

Space 17 December 2021

By Jonathan O’Callaghan

An creator  rendering of an early, ample  collision connected  Venus. New modeling results suggest   that high-speed impacts specified  arsenic  this could person  remelted Venus? mantle, altering its planetary evolution.

Artist’s rendering of an early, ample collision connected Venus

Southwest Research Institute/Simone Marchi

High-speed impacts connected Venus aboriginal successful its past could assistance explicate wherefore the satellite isn’t habitable today.

It remains somewhat of a enigma wherefore Venus and Earth took specified divergent paths, contempt being reasonably akin successful size astatine comparatively akin locations from the sun. Various explanations, specified arsenic Venus never cooling enough to condense oceans, person antecedently been enactment forward.

Simone Marchi and Raluca Rufu astatine the Southwest Research Institute successful the US examined a antithetic possibility. As worldly swirled astir …

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