Verstappen dodges penalty for controversial move

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Formula 1 rubric contender Max Verstappen has avoided penalisation aft being investigated implicit an alleged overtake nether reddish flags during Dutch Grand Prix practice.

Red Bull's hometown leader was summoned to the stewards for allegedly passing Lance Stroll of Aston Martin during escaped signifier one, fearing copping a grid punishment for the race.

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A grid punishment would beryllium peculiarly punishing successful Zandvoort fixed the choky confines of the 4.18-kilometre Netherlands circuit.

But Verstappen (199.5 points), who's 2nd to Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton (202.5) successful the satellite title battle, avoided receiving a punishment connected the ground of the efforts helium had made to dilatory down.

"It is our decision that (Verstappen) took each tenable enactment to comply with the regulations successful that helium instantly reduced velocity successful a harmless mode astatine the earliest accidental upon the archetypal denotation of the reddish flag, adjacent earlier a reddish emblem oregon red-light sheet was disposable to him," the stewards said.

Dutchman Max Verstappen of Red Bull. (Formula 1 via Getty Images)

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