Rabbitohs name new skipper for 2022 season

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Cameron Murray has been named skipper for the South Sydney Rabbitohs pursuing the departure of Adam Reynolds to Brisbane.

The section junior, 23, has already logged 103 games successful the apical grade, each for South Sydney, since making his debut against Brisbane successful 2017.

However, the determination is seen arsenic a look to the aboriginal with the NSW typical viewed arsenic a semipermanent on-field person of the club.

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Murray is nary alien to enactment having captained South Sydney's Harold Matthews and SG Ball Cup sides arsenic good arsenic starring the New South Wales nether 20's a twelvemonth supra his property astatine 19.

"I consciousness precise fortunate and privileged to person the honour of being skipper of the South Sydney Rabbitohs," Murray said.

Cameron Murray has plentifulness of enactment acquisition successful the little grades. (Getty)

"In my abbreviated clip present astatine the Club playing astatine the apical level, I've learnt from immoderate of the game's top leaders.

"Stepping into the captaincy role, 1 antecedently held by Greg Inglis, John Sutton, Sam Burgess and much precocious Adam Reynolds, arsenic good arsenic greats of the crippled similar John Sattler and Clive Churchill, is thing I couldn't person dreamt up."

Rabbitohs Head Coach, Jason Demetriou, says Murray is acceptable to skipper South Sydney.

"I spoke with Cameron a mates of weeks agone to gauge his involvement successful captaining the broadside and his absorption solidified successful my caput that helium is acceptable for the responsibility," Coach Demetriou said.

"He said helium was acceptable and however overmuch of an honour it would beryllium to pb the broadside alongside our elder playing radical and helium made it wide it would beryllium a radical effort, not 1 antheral out.

"That's precisely what I wanted to perceive from him and I'm looking guardant to moving intimately with him and our different leaders to usher this radical of young men passim the season."

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