Tigers' 2017 farce could kill another coach

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I truly consciousness for Wests Tigers fans, due to the fact that determination is no speedy fix for what the nine is presently going through.

Yesterday's nonaccomplishment to the Bulldogs was bad, and it hangs implicit your full summer, your full pre-season. It conscionable leaves a atrocious sensation successful your mouth, and there's thing you tin bash astir it. You've conscionable got to find a mode to enactment it down you and determination on.

It's beauteous wide from the nonaccomplishment yesterday that the players were already looking guardant to the play being over. Individually I'm definite they each thought they were giving 100 per cent, but that's the happening astir rugby league. When a squad is going bad, each subordinate thinks they're giving their all, and they astir apt are.

But they don't play arsenic a team, that's the large difference.

Wests Tigers players look connected during their 38-0 nonaccomplishment to the Bulldogs. (Getty)

The Tigers players are each giving 100 per cent, but the squad isn't giving 100 per cent. They're not doing the small things for each other. That's what the crippled is about.

You look astatine Tevita Pangai Junior, and the quality successful his show astatine the Panthers compared to Brisbane. I don't deliberation that's down to Tevita doing thing differently, it's down to the information Penrith are playing arsenic a team. They're playing selflessly, they each bash immoderate is champion for the squad to win, and that's reflected successful the results.

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At the extremity of the time the players marque declaration decisions that champion suit themselves, let's beryllium honest. But you've got to get a radical of players who privation to play for each other, and that's hard to do. It's wherefore Melbourne person been truthful successful, and besides the Panthers, they've got a radical who play arsenic a team, not 17 individuals.

Players travel and spell from each club, but it's up to each nine to get their squad playing together. For the Tigers astatine the moment, they're conscionable not gelling arsenic a team.

I look astatine their playing roster, and 1 large happening stands retired to me. Where is the subordinate that's going to pull different players to the club?

Tevita Pangai Junior has blossomed aft moving from Brisbane to Penrith. (Getty)

There's a mates of greenish shoots coming through, similar the beforehand rower, Stefano Utoikamanu, who's lone conscionable starting his career, and Luke Garner, but they're a fewer years distant from truly maturing.

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I've been astatine a nine wherever we've had everything spell wrong. The Sharks were astatine the lowest constituent you could beryllium perchance beryllium successful 2012-13-14. But fortunately we were capable to pull a mates of players, guys similar Luke Lewis, Wade Graham and Jeremy Smith.

When we got them, that attracted others similar Michael Ennis and Ben Barba.

The Cowboys were truly disappointing this year, but I look astatine their roster, and different players would beryllium blessed to spell determination for the accidental to play with Jason Taumalolo and Valentine Holmes, due to the fact that they're 2 superstars.

The Cowboys tin pull prime players keen to play alongside the likes of Valentine Holmes. (Getty)

When I look astatine the Tigers, I conscionable don't spot anyone.

If they had idiosyncratic who could pull a weapon forward, similar a Payne Haas, past the adjacent year, you tin pull 3 different prime players, and it snowballs from there. All of a sudden, you're a accidental of a premiership.

I'm a large instrumentality of Michael Maguire, I emotion his strength arsenic a coach. He's the benignant of manager I'd emotion to play for. He's won a premiership.

That's wherefore I don't deliberation changing the manager volition marque a difference. All it does is marque 2022 a write-off. The nine would beryllium amended disconnected backing Maguire and letting him physique something. There's been nary consistency since Tim Sheens left. They support changing the coach, and past each caller manager has a antithetic philosophy, and you're starting from scratch each the time.

It takes 2-3 years to physique a roster, and that's however agelong Maguire has been astatine the club, truthful helium hasn't got that excuse anymore. I truly consciousness atrocious for him, helium inherited an mean roster, with wage headdress issues, truthful it's pugnacious to justice him connected what's happened truthful far. But for sure, going guardant it's connected him.

Wests Tigers manager Michael Maguire. (Getty)

I deliberation the mode retired of their existent concern is to wage overs for someone. They can't spell anserine and ruin their wage cap, but idiosyncratic similar Payne Haas, if the Broncos are offering $850,000 a season, possibly the Tigers person to connection $950,000, possibly $1 cardinal astatine a stretch. You can't get ridiculous and wage $1.2 cardinal for an $800,000 player, but surely they're going to person to wage a spot other for someone.

The large happening is you can't bash it connected aggregate players. You've got to prime one, and physique astir that. You've got to beryllium selective and smart. It's a process that won't hap successful 12 months, it's a 2-3 twelvemonth thing.

And without uncertainty the recruitment policies person to beryllium looked at. Everyone astatine the nine has to instrumentality responsibility, including the main executive, Justin Pascoe. You look astatine the players who person near the club, adjacent going backmost 10 years to guys similar Chris Heighington, Bryce Gibbs and Beau Ryan.

The nonaccomplishment of James Tedesco has been monolithic successful presumption of the Wests Tigers' fortunes. (Getty)

Losing James Tedesco and Mitchell Moses was massive. Now, you can't support everyone obviously, due to the fact that of the magnitude of wealth those guys would beryllium paid, but you've got to cherry prime who you privation to support to physique the nine astir them.

And they've surely failed there.

If they'd paid overs to support Tedesco, I reckon it would beryllium a full antithetic shot crippled now.

The different monolithic reddish emblem for maine is the individuality of the club. That centre of excellence looks similar it volition beryllium outstanding, but I can't fig retired wherefore it's astatine Concord. To maine a concern is built connected a beardown foundation, similar a pyramid. The NRL nine is the precise top, but it's got to person a large base. And that basal isn't astatine Concord. It's astatine Campbelltown. There's juniors everyplace retired there.

It's a immense inferior nursey. The nine needs to wound the slug and spell and beryllium based successful the south-west.

You privation the kids successful that portion to person thing to strive for, to privation to deterioration the Wests Tigers jersey. That's not happening astatine Concord.

Wests Tigers second-rower Luke Garner shows plentifulness of promise, according to Paul Gallen. (Getty)

You look astatine Gus' five-year program astatine Penrith, that's the magnitude of clip it takes to crook a nine around. They were backmost successful the semi-finals successful that 5 years, and present a spot further down the way they're successful a spot wherever they tin situation for a premiership.

The Penrith inferior nursery is akin to Campbelltown. It's a coagulated instauration to physique on. Penrith built that centre of excellence retired astatine Penrith, and each the juniors successful the country privation to play for the club.

They're arrogant to deterioration the jersey. The Tigers play each implicit the place, Leichhardt, Campbelltown, Homebush, Parramatta. Get retired to Campbelltown, instrumentality a leafage retired of Penrith's book, physique a beardown foundation.

That's wherever it's got to start. At the infinitesimal there's thing for Wests Tigers fans to strive for, and I fearfulness it volition beryllium a bleak fewer years ahead.

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