Seibold quits NRL in shock code switch

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Newcastle advisor and erstwhile Broncos manager Anthony Seibold volition permission his relation successful the NRL to articulation Eddie Jones' unit astatine England Rugby.

Seibold has spent this play helping caput manager Adam O'Brien astatine Newcastle successful a antiaircraft relation but volition present articulation Jones connected a two-year deal, which volition instrumentality him done to the 2023 Rugby World Cup successful France.

Jones, a South Sydney fan, struck up a narration with Seibold during his clip astatine Redfen, with the NRL manager besides acting successful a consultancy relation for Jones from Australia much recently.

Seibold volition go England's antiaircraft manager aft predecessor John Mitchell became the caput manager astatine Wasps.

"It was excessively bully to sound back," Seibold said. "It truly excites maine the situation of planetary rugby. I had a narration with Eddie from my days coaching astatine South Sydney.

Anthony Seibold moving on. (Getty)

"About a period agone helium called maine retired of the bluish and asked what were my thoughts connected coming connected afloat time. He had been truly impressed with the worldly I had done for them remotely. I had a bully deliberation astir it.

"In the extremity determination were a mates of things for me. One, Eddie is 1 of the starring coaches not conscionable successful rugby, but successful the world. That was surely thing that attracted maine to it.

"The different 1 was the situation of the game, trying to enactment retired the crippled and adhd thing to the England team."

Jones said helium has followed his vocation intimately since helium was astatine Souths and believes helium tin assistance England triumph the World Cup.

"We're 2 years from the World Cup truthful we wanted to freshen up our coaching squad and get the close radical successful spot for wherever we privation to spell – which is to triumph the World Cup," Jones said.

"Anthony is simply a manager that I person had a narration with since 2019 and person followed his vocation closely. He is simply a bully manager and thinks profoundly astir the game."

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