Seething Titan challenges Lodge to bitter boxing bout

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Jarrod Wallace hasn't acceptable ft successful the boxing ringing since making his debut astir 2 years ago, but the hulking Titans front-rower appears to beryllium itching for a caller opponent.

The hostile Wallace seems to privation to look is firebrand Warriors prop Matt Lodge, who was progressive successful a bitter moving feud with the erstwhile Queensland Maroons enforcer during yesterday's blistering clash connected the Gold Coast.

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Rugby league fans were astounded arsenic three Warriors and 1 Titan were sin-binned successful a chaotic 60-second play precocious successful Gold Coast's 44-0 thumping of the New Zealand club, making for 12 versus 10.

But what went mostly unnoticed was Wallace challenging Lodge to a boxing combat astir 5 minutes earlier.

Warriors prop Matt Lodge (left) and Titans front-rower Jarrod Wallace. (Getty)

Lodge was placed connected study successful the 61st infinitesimal for hitting Wallace precocious with a swinging limb and slamming him into the turf caput first.

The foul play near Wallace clutching astatine his jaw and remonstrating with Lodge, arsenic Fox League's broadcast picked up a situation from the 30-year-old Titan to the polarising Warriors recruit.

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"Sign the f--king declaration and we'll go," a feisty Wallace said to Lodge.

Commentator Warren Smith chimed in.

"Is determination speech of these 2 having a ace successful the squared circle?" Smith said.

Warriors front-rower Matt Lodge and Titans prop Jarrod Wallace quadrate disconnected during the spiteful game. (Getty)

Legendary Balmain front-rower Steve Roach replied: "Well determination is present by the dependable of it."

When Wallace was prompted connected his spite for Lodge aft the game, helium said: "I don't deliberation Lodgey likes maine precise much. Look, I'm not the biggest instrumentality of his either."

Wallace hasn't pulled connected the gloves since defeating Nick Timm by a unanimous-points determination successful 4 rounds successful December 2019.

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Wallace was a notable omission arsenic a big of past and contiguous starring NRL names touched down successful Townsville for the All Stars Fight Night successful February, including Josh Papalii, Junior Paulo, Ben Hannant, Justin Hodges, Willie Mason and Craig Gower.

But portion Wallace hinted astatine a tendency to instrumentality to the boxing ringing during the aggravated crippled against the Warriors, his contiguous ngo is helping the Titans to triumph successful their elimination last against the Roosters successful Townsville connected Saturday.

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