Ricciardo lauds F1's 'change in mindset'

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Australian Formula 1 operator Daniel Ricciardo has hailed the sport's governing assemblage implicit "a alteration successful mindset" to safety.

The McLaren driver's comments travel past weekend's frustrating Belgian Grand Prix, astatine which nary racing took spot arsenic the grid alternatively completed 2 laps down a information car.

No overtaking is allowed erstwhile a information car is connected the way and, astatine the Belgian Grand Prix, half points were awarded.

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Ricciardo, competing successful his 200th Formula 1 expansive prix, collected six points due to the fact that helium had finished 4th successful qualifying.

The Western Australian has since acknowledged the displacement successful cognition toward safety, which stands successful stark declaration to the hopeless efforts to amended on-track payment successful the aboriginal days of the satellite championship.

Australian Formula 1 operator Daniel Ricciardo of McLaren. (Getty)

"There's decidedly a alteration successful mindset to it all," Ricciardo said.

"Obviously I wasn't astir successful that era, but it was benignant of mean to person fatalities and each that successful the sport.

"I'm definite it was precise hard to accept, but possibly due to the fact that it was much regular it was somewhat expected.

"Now, knowing what we know, oregon astatine slightest what I know, would I person raced successful the 60s? With the cognition I person now, no.

"At the extremity of the day, it's a sport, truthful we similar the risk, but if you're talking a substance of beingness and death, I don't deliberation that's worthy anything."

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The satellite title recorded 11 deaths successful the 1950s, the archetypal decennary of the competition, earlier the 1960s resulted successful 8 deaths and the 1970s nine.

Australian Formula 1 operator Daniel Ricciardo driving his McLaren during signifier for the Belgian Grand Prix. (Formula 1 via Getty Images)

A shockwave was sent done the Formula 1 satellite erstwhile Ricciardo's McLaren teammate, young Briton Lando Norris, crashed his car during the Belgian Grand Prix qualifying.

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Norris mislaid power of his McLaren successful soaking-wet conditions arsenic helium tried to navigate the uphill expanse of the accelerated Eau Rouge corner.

Miraculously, helium emerged unscathed and was approved to contention successful Belgium.

"You look astatine Lando's clang connected Saturday and I deliberation helium proved you tin inactive person a large one," Ricciardo said.

Great Britain Formula 1 operator Lando Norris of McLaren. (Getty)

"And those conditions astatine the time, they were okay, well, connected the edge, but evidently good for america to person a greenish light.

"So I deliberation we are inactive competing successful a unsafe athletics and playing connected the borderline of danger, but I deliberation there's benignant of information and being unsafe and past there's the extreme, of course, with unnecessarily having radical heli-aired retired of here."

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