Republicans Are Trying To Get Rachel Maddow Banned From Twitter

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Republicans are falsely claiming that Rachel Maddow pushed “fake news” connected ivermectin and are trying to get her banned from Twitter.

Maddow reported connected an Oklahoma doc saying that agrarian hospitals were filling up with ivermectin overdoses, which is simply a communicative that came from a section Oklahoma TV presumption that ended up everywhere, including PoliticusUSA.

A infirmary strategy released a connection disputing the doctor’s claim, and Republicans went nuts.

Fox News regular Glenn Greenwald (remember erstwhile helium conned segments of the near into loving him?) tweeted:

Why is this viral @Maddow tweet spreading a wholly mendacious communicative inactive up? Why doesn't it person a "DISINFORMATION" statement appended to it by @TwitterSafety? Why hasn't Maddow herself removed it? Why hasn't Twitter? Yes, these are rhetorical questions.


Republican Senate candidate/Appalachian fraud J.D. Vance tweeted:

Alex Jones is simply a acold much reputable root of accusation than Rachel Maddow. One of them is censored by the regime. The different promoted by it.


Oh look, it is noted Trump grifter Sabastian Gorka:


The Republicans Aren’t Just Complaining. They Want Maddow Banned.

It isn’t a coincidence that Vance mentioned serial misinformer/Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist Alex Jones successful his tweet. Alex Jones is banned from each societal media.

Republicans are inactive smarting from Trump being kicked disconnected of Twitter, truthful they privation a scalp of their ain successful Maddow.

The occupation is that, dissimilar Trump, Maddow didn’t dispersed unsafe misinformation. Ivermectin is not a attraction for COVID. Also, dissimilar Trump, Maddow doesn’t usage her level to promote violence.

There is nary ground for sanctioning Maddow, but world is not a beardown suit of the Republican Party.

Rachel Maddow is 1 of the astir almighty voices successful American media,

Republicans can’t grip the information that she informs millions of radical nightly.

The GOP is threatened by Rachel Maddow, which is wherefore they are attempting to discredit and soundlessness her.

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