Biden Blasts Republicans For Blocking Bills And Demands Congress Pass Voting Rights

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President Biden called retired Republicans for blocking voting rights bills and demanded that Congress walk the legislation.

Video of Biden:

Biden rips Republicans for blocking voting rights bills, "Every clip it's brought up the different squad blocks the quality adjacent to commencement to sermon it. That different team. They utilized to beryllium called the Republican Party."

The President besides called connected Congress to walk voting rights bills.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 17, 2021

President Biden said successful South Carolina:

.We’re going to usage VA facilities and unfastened them up for everybody, and nary 1 is going to stop anybody. But crossed the board. In addition, the Justice Department has doubled the voting rights enforcement staff, challenging the onslaught of state laws undermining the right to vote. We person supported Democrats warring for voting rights since time one. Every clip it’s brought up, the different team blocks the quality adjacent to commencement to discuss it. That other team. They utilized to beryllium called the Republican Party.

But this conflict is not over. We indispensable walk the state to vote act successful the June Lewis voting rights act. We must. We’re going to support up the fight until we get it done, and you’re going to support up the fight, and we request your assistance badly.

Biden is utilizing his bully pulpit to property the Senate to hold to a filibuster carve retired connected voting rights. The President is doing his portion to effort to get the authorities to his desk.

Biden’s calling retired of the GOP arsenic the erstwhile Republican Party was telling. The President is nary starry-eyed dreamer. He sees the world of what the Republicans are, and helium is turning up the vigor connected Senate Democrats to walk voting rights.

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