Power handed massive boost for preliminary finals

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Port Adelaide volition get 1 past lucifer successful beforehand of its adoring location assemblage aft the AFL confirmed that 1 of the 2 preliminary finals would beryllium played astatine the Adelaide Oval.

The Power volition big the Western Bulldogs astatine the Adelaide Oval connected Saturday night, aft the Bulldogs prevailed successful a heart-stopping semi-final against the Brisbane Lions.

Melbourne volition big Geelong successful Perth astatine Optus Stadium connected Friday night aft the Cats held disconnected a gallant GWS Giants broadside astatine the aforesaid venue.

Both the Demons and Cats volition proceed to service their quarantine periods successful Western Australia earlier gathering astatine Optus connected Friday.

Port Adelaide volition get to play successful beforehand of their adoring fans astatine the Adelaide Oval 1 past clip this play (Getty)

Following their triumph implicit the Lions successful Brisbane, the Bulldogs volition beryllium required to question to Perth connected Sunday greeting and volition stay successful Western Australia earlier travelling to South Australia against their preliminary last against the Power.

Both preliminary last fixtures person been organised successful a mode that ensures each 4 teams progressive person had astatine slightest a seven-day interruption heading into their respective matches.

"The AFL, unneurotic with each teams participating successful the 2021 Toyota AFL Finals Series, person agreed to strict travel arrangements and different protocols arsenic approved by respective State Governments," AFL fixtures brag Travis Auld said successful a statement.

"The Western Bulldogs' travel arrangements person been made successful adjacent consultation with the nine and purpose to minimise immoderate hazard up of their Preliminary Final.


Friday, September 10: Melbourne v Geelong astatine Optus Stadium, 7:50pm AEST

Saturday: September 11: Port Adelaide v Western Bulldogs astatine Adelaide Oval, 7:40pm AEST

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