Male bigfin reef squid may be the best fathers of all cephalopods

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By Cameron Duke

The modular for bully cephalopod fathers mightiness beryllium a beauteous debased bar, but bigfin reef squid aquatics close implicit it. Male cephalopods, specified arsenic squids and octopuses, are not known for their parenting owed to the information that they often dice soon aft mating – but immoderate taxon of squid mightiness beryllium the objection to this rule, arsenic they person present been seen investigating imaginable nest sites to marque definite they are harmless earlier their pistillate counterparts laic eggs.

Typically, pistillate cephalopods are near to attraction for their eggs alone. “Usually, the lone happening the antheral does earlier and aft mating is mate guarding,” says Eduardo Sampaio astatine the University of Lisbon successful Portugal. After a antheral courts a pistillate and mates with her, his lone different occupation is to defender her against the sperm of rival males.

But this mightiness not beryllium the lawsuit for immoderate squid species. Sampaio and his collaborator, Samantha Cheng astatine the American Museum of Natural History, filmed squid mating rituals astatine 2 sites, 1 successful the Red Sea and the different disconnected the seashore of Indonesia.

In their recordings, a antheral squid (Sepioteuthis lessoniana) that has conscionable mated raises his arms up portion pushing his tentacles downward. At the aforesaid time, helium dons a colour signifier akin to animated zebra stripes.

“This is truly awkward for the squid, due to the fact that the tentacles are usually held with the arms to support them,” said Sampaio, “But the full show is truly evident for different males to see.”

After the zebra show but earlier his mate lays her eggs, helium dives into a crevice successful a reef oregon rocks connected the seafloor, perchance checking for signs of predators. “Typically, the antheral conscionable copulates and goes, but present we saw that helium really checks retired the nest tract first,” said Sampaio. “Only past does the pistillate participate the location.”

He does this astatine the hazard of predators lying successful hold and of rival males sweeping successful connected his unguarded mate. “One chill happening to see is that we were capable to papers this behaviour successful populations 10,000 kilometers isolated from each other,” said Sampaio. This suggests the behaviour is alternatively wide among bigfin reef squids.

Journal reference: Ecology, DOI: 10.1002/ecy.3529

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