Kevvie's urgent question in wake of Milford blitz

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By Zachary Gates and Marc Churches

There is simply a pressing question rookie Broncos manager Kevin Walters indispensable reply if helium is to amended astatine his occupation successful his 2nd play successful charge, rugby league fable Brad Fittler believes.

The NSW State of Origin manager says Walters indispensable reply wherefore enigmatic playmaker Anthony Milford abruptly had a phenomenal instrumentality to brilliance aft signing with the Rabbitohs precocious successful July.

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Milford, who's struggled ever since guiding Brisbane to a expansive last quality against North Queensland successful a sparkling 2015 campaign, teased the rugby league satellite with glittering performances implicit the past 3 rounds of the 2021 regular season.

The erstwhile Queensland Maroons livewire shone against the Warriors, Sharks and Knights, playing 80 minutes astatine five-eighth successful each 3 games and giving Broncos and Rabbitohs fans a glimpse of the destructive attacking limb helium tin be.

Fittler says Walters indispensable springiness Milford's astonishing rebirth sizeable thought arsenic helium tries to pb Brisbane from a 14th-placed decorativeness to a 2022 finals appearance.

Departing Broncos playmaker Anthony Milford connected the attack. (NRL Imagery)

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"I deliberation the large happening with Kevvie is he's got to larn what happened with Anthony Milford," Fittler said connected Wide World of Sports' The Final Whistle.

"Why did Anthony Milford play bully erstwhile the play was implicit and helium was leaving?

"If helium learns thing retired of that, that's however he'll amended arsenic a manager and enactment retired however to get the champion retired of a player."

Rugby league icon Ruan Sims gave Walters a wrapper implicit the occupation helium had performed successful his archetypal play astatine the helm.

"Walters came nether a batch of scrutiny aboriginal connected and adjacent to midway done the season," Sims said.

Departing Broncos fractional Anthony Milford precocious successful his clip with Brisbane. (NRL Imagery)

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"But helium was consenting to enactment the broom done the Broncos and travel retired successful the past fewer weeks with a squad that I deliberation tin truly build.

"Adam Reynolds coming in, Kurt Capewell coming successful brings truly bully enactment and acquisition to that broadside and tin assistance usher those young players coming through. Tesi Nui is exciting, Herbie Farnworth connected the tally is fantastic, Kotoni Staggs erstwhile helium gets backmost from injury, Tyson Gamble erstwhile helium gets backmost from wounded ... They person immoderate truly bully young players."

Rookie Brisbane manager Kevin Walters. (Getty)

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