125 House Democrats Introduce Bill To Lower The Medicare Age To 60

1 month ago 16
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Members from each parts of the Democratic House caucus person introduced a measure that would little the eligibility property for Medicare to 60.

CNN reported:

This authorities comes arsenic Democrats are moving to grow Medicare benefits done their multi-trillion-dollar spending connection being utilized to fulfill overmuch of President Joe Biden’s home agenda. The lawmakers are introducing this authorities with the hopes of it being included successful the last reconciliation package.

The legislation, which has astatine slightest 125 archetypal co-sponsors, is led by Reps. Pramila Jayapal, who besides serves arsenic Progressive Caucus chairwoman, Conor Lamb, Susan Wild, Haley Stevens, Joe Neguse, and Debbie Dingell. The authorities besides includes 10 frontline members arsenic sponsors, who correspond immoderate of the astir competitory districts successful the country.

The lowering of the eligibility property for Medicare is wildly fashionable successful the Democratic Party.  The thought appeals to moderates, liberals, and progressives.

The lowering of the Medicare eligibility property is going to beryllium successful the reconciliation bill, and it volition walk and apt assistance millions of Americans get much affordable wellness attraction sum than they presently already have.

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