Will plans for new UK coal mine scupper net-zero ambitions at COP26?

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Environment 6 September 2021

By Adam Vaughan

Ariel presumption    of Whitehaven, England

The imaginable tract successful Whitehaven, England, of a caller UK ember mine

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

The destiny of the UK’s imaginable archetypal heavy ember excavation successful 30 years volition beryllium fiercely debated astatine a nationalist enquiry starting tomorrow, successful what is expected to beryllium a landmark trial lawsuit connected what caller fossil substance projects should beryllium allowed arsenic countries enactment to deed net-zero emissions.

The mooted Woodhouse Colliery adjacent Whitehaven, Cumbria, has escalated from a section readying contented to a nationalist 1 with planetary implications, arsenic the UK prepares to big the …

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