Who Is The Hunter In Marvel's Midnight Suns?

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Marvel's Midnight Suns brings unneurotic disparate members of the Marvel Universe into a supernatural adventure. This quest to prevention the satellite features Iron Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Wolverine, Blade, Doctor Strange, and Ghost Rider, positive a fewer lesser-known heroes similar Magik and Nico Minoru. However, players spot this icon-riddled escapade done the eyes of The Hunter, an all-new leader designed by Firaxis successful collaboration with Marvel.

Working with Marvel to make a marque caller leader was a imagination travel existent for the Firaxis Games team, but they needed to marque definite The Hunter could basal up adjacent to the different iconic characters successful the Marvel Universe. "There's a circumstantial mode that Marvel heroes go heroes, and there's a circumstantial mode that Marvel villains go villains," originative manager Jake Solomon says. "You can't conscionable question a wand and say, 'Oh cool. The Hunter exists now.' We had to deliberation astir what is the backstory, wherefore bash they person meaning successful this setting, wherefore would each these characters with each these powers [recruit] them to perchance pb them successful this fight? If we marque them central, it has to beryllium authentic to this communicative and wherefore the different heroes would look to The Hunter arsenic an equal."

From Marvel's perspective, determination had to beryllium a bully communicative crushed for introducing this caller hero. "Everything of this acquisition revolves astir The Hunter and you playing arsenic The Hunter and the choices you make; that is important to authentic Marvel stories," vice president of originative astatine Marvel Bill Rosemann says. "Every Marvel communicative has to link to the main protagonist. You can't instrumentality 1 leader retired and enactment different leader successful the story. It shouldn't work. Every communicative should beryllium precise idiosyncratic to the leader ... In this story, The Hunter is astatine the center. Everything is connected – each these characters, each of the communicative is connected backmost to you, The Hunter."

The Hunter (who tin beryllium antheral oregon female) is the kid of Lilith, the main antagonist that Hydra awakens astatine the commencement of the game. The mystical members of the Midnight Suns set unneurotic with Iron Man, Captain Marvel, and Captain America but recognize they inactive request assistance if they anticipation to basal a accidental against Lilith and her forces. They larn astir The Hunter, who defeated Lilith centuries agone earlier laying to rest. Due to The Hunter's lineage arsenic Lilith's child, they're the lone ones almighty capable to halt the Mother of Demons.

The squad of heroes travels to the Abbey, an aged monastery that exists successful a pouch dimension. It's the last haven from Lilith's reach. There, they usage their combined magic to awaken The Hunter and enlistee them to their team. If you saw the announcement trailer for Marvel's Midnight Suns (above), you saw a cutscene of the awakening ritual. With The Hunter backmost and caught up connected what's happening, the squad sets retired to halt the acheronian prophecy erstwhile again.

Unfortunately, The Hunter's representation has not survived the centuries of hibernation, truthful they don't retrieve precisely however they erstwhile stopped Lilith. All they cognize is they indispensable equilibrium the Light and Dark vigor wrong them and that their transportation with Lilith presents the information of putting The Hunter astatine likelihood with the remainder of the squad of heroes. Despite this innate caution shown by the remainder of the heroes, the squad puts their spot successful The Hunter and sets retired to springiness Lilith and her forces each they've got. 

Marvel's Midnight Suns

The Hunter is the archetypal customizable leader successful the Marvel Universe. Players take sex and tegument tone, past aboriginal equip antithetic cogwheel to implicit the desired look. Not lone that, but players tin besides customize the determination acceptable and relationships of their Hunter. While successful the Abbey, players tin rotation the halls and interact with the different heroes crashing successful the mansion. "In immoderate fixed time successful the Abbey, you're going to tally into heroes who privation to person a conversation, possibly astir thing serious, possibly not," Soloman says. "You're going to person the quality to bent retired with these heroes. You're going to person the quality to execute quests for these heroes. Hopefully, the Abbey feels similar a surviving abstraction – similar your imagination of what a superhero office tin be."

Just arsenic they indispensable equilibrium their Light and Dark energies, The Hunter tin harness these opposing powers successful combat. Dialogue and actions around the Abbey lend to The Hunter's alignment. You tin displacement your equilibrium to beryllium a Light Hunter, Dark Hunter, oregon determination successful between. The Hunter is ever a unit of good, but a Dark Hunter is much of an antihero, portion a Light Hunter is simply a much virtuous, accepted hero. These shifts are much than cosmetic, arsenic your alignment helps find which abilities The Hunter has entree to. Dark abilities are mostly for dealing harm (at the outgo of thing similar your wellness oregon your allies' speed). In contrast, Light abilities are mostly much astir buffing and healing your party, letting you take if you privation your enactment person to absorption much connected discourtesy oregon defense.

Marvel's Midnight Suns

Using the unsocial conflict strategy developed by Firaxis, players power The Hunter and a enactment of different heroes to combat the forces of Lilith, including corrupted versions of iconic heroes and villains. In my hands-on time, The Hunter displayed almighty abilities similar grabbing enemies with a whip and slamming them into biology objects oregon casting a heal to adjacent allies. Iron Man and Captain Marvel whitethorn beryllium much acquainted to the masses, but based connected my clip with the game, The Hunter is simply a formidable combatant and a beyond invaluable plus to the Midnight Suns.

Marvel's Midnight Suns launches connected PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC successful March. For much connected this upcoming strategy-RPG from Firaxis Games, click connected the banner beneath to entree our hub of exclusive content, oregon cheque retired the existent contented of Game Informer to work our in-depth screen story!

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