Who Is Lilith, The Main Villain Of Marvel's Midnight Suns?

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As we already covered successful a erstwhile look astatine Marvel's Midnight Suns, you play arsenic The Hunter. This all-new leader is sought retired by an all-star formed of Marvel characters and awakened to assistance combat disconnected the evil entity known arsenic Lilith. But wherefore is Lilith truthful important that she requires the combined powers of Marvel's astir almighty heroes successful summation to an ancient, legendary warrior? We spoke to the squad astatine Firaxis Games to larn much astir the menacing villain.

Lilith was erstwhile a warrior of airy arsenic a subordinate of a contention called The Blood. She is simply a descendant of the Elder Gods and fought the forces of acheronian alongside her sister, Caretaker, for thousands of years. During the precocious 1600s, Lilith sold her psyche to a corrupted, evil Elder God named Chthon successful a infinitesimal of weakness.

"Your champion villains, successful their mind, they're not evil; they're doing thing for good, but her motivations for her autumn are really precise idiosyncratic and precise tragic," manager of communicative Chad Rocco says.

Marvel's Midnight Suns

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Chthon is truthful evil that helium was banished to different magnitude by his chap Gods billions of years ago, but helium has kept his sights connected returning to Earth ever since. Following this acheronian deal, Lilith is corrupted by Chthon, and she gives successful to the darkness. She creates a monstrous, demonic service known arsenic the Lilin and she wages warfare connected humanity. According to legend, this penetration becomes the bosom of the Salem Witch Trials. The lone happening that stops her from her goals is a squad of heroes known arsenic the Midnight Suns led by a large warrior called The Hunter.

Together, the squad defeats Lilith and seals her distant for centuries. The Midnight Suns hid her assemblage and scattered the pages of the Darkhold, an evil grimoire authored by Chthon, crossed the planet. However, Hydra spent respective 100 years hunting down the pages and searching for Lilith's tomb. At contiguous day, they person 1 leafage near to find, and with the clip of prophecy conscionable months away, they stumble upon Lilith's tomb. Hydra's Dr. Faustus and his squad usage a operation of the Darkhold and Gamma subject to resurrect Lilith, but Lilith instantly subjugates the Hydra forces and takes power to again effort and fulfill the prophecy.

Marvel's Midnight Suns

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While she whitethorn not person the sanction designation of Thanos oregon Apocalypse, she's an Omega-level menace that possibly adjacent exceeds their power. She commands the Lilin, but her service is acold much unsafe than simply a horde of faceless, nameless minions. Using her power, Lilith tin corrupt adjacent strong-willed, almighty radical and creatures. These acheronian characters are known arsenic The Fallen, iconic heroes and villains from crossed the Marvel Universe who person been corrupted by Lilith and bent to her will.

"We are telling this epic, world-ending storyline, truthful it was precise important for america to person a ample roster of recognizable villains for the heroes to combat against," originative manager Jake Solomon says. "This is what makes Lilith truthful dangerous: Picture your favourite Omega-level supervillain successful Marvel. You know... Thanos oregon Apocalypse oregon Ultron oregon Doom; Lilith is each of that and past some. Not lone does she person godlike powers that turn stronger each day; not lone does she person the Lilin, an unending service of demons astatine her disposal that the heroes are going to person to combat through; but with a azygous touch, Lilith tin corrupt and bid immoderate villain oregon leader successful the Marvel Universe."

With truthful galore powers astatine her fingertips, even the strongest characters successful Marvel's stable are susceptible of falling to Lilith. "It becomes a question of, 'How are you going to bushed idiosyncratic similar that?'" says Solomon. "The occupation is, whoever you nonstop astatine Lilith has a precise bully accidental of coming backmost to you with glowing greenish eyes and an 'I emotion Lilith' sticker. She's not similar immoderate villain you've seen earlier successful Marvel. That's a taxable for us. We privation to archer antithetic stories. We privation to amusement players a different broadside of adjacent characters they know. Even The Fallen ... they're caller versions of villains oregon heroes that you whitethorn recognize, but present they person caller powers."

Marvel's Midnight Suns

With Hydra, the Lilin, and The Fallen nether her control, Lilith stages an battle connected Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. Strange, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and a young Scarlet Witch narrowly past the attack, and the Sanctum, on with its priceless artifacts, autumn into the hands of Lilith. This is the catalyst for the heroes to travel together, question retired the modern Midnight Suns, and resurrect The Hunter. 

Lilith is known arsenic the Mother of Demons, but she's besides the parent of The Hunter. This lineage gives The Hunter their power, and portion The Hunter volition halt astatine thing to decision Lilith, Lilith has a antithetic position connected their relationship. "I emotion that The Hunter and Lilith person a precise asymmetric relationship," Solomon says. "The Hunter is like, 'You're evil. I'm present to destruct you.' and past Lilith is like, 'I emotion you. You're my child.' It conscionable makes her a precise absorbing villain wherever she's like, 'You're conscionable misguided. You're my child, and I emotion you, and I privation america to beryllium together,' and that makes a precise absorbing narration to commencement the crippled disconnected connected the close foot."

"It's a communicative astir a parent and a child," Rocco says. "Lilith and The Hunter whitethorn beryllium opposed to 1 another, but there's a almighty transportation betwixt them, and it continues to make crossed the game."

Marvel's Midnight Suns

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While Lilith is beyond powerful, her resurrection is simply a stepping chromatic towards Hydra's eventual goal: summoning Chthon. Because of the evil Elder God's relation successful penning the Darkhold, the wicked text has a volition of its ain and twists those nether its power – including Lilith – to fulfill the prophecy and reconstruct Chthon to Earth. According to this prophecy, if the Darkhold is work nether a once-in-a-billion-year celestial lawsuit known arsenic the midnight sun, Chthon volition beryllium capable to instrumentality to Earth. 

But wherefore is that specified a atrocious thing? The fallen Elder God wants thing much than to consume, corrupt, and envelop the planet. However, earlier that tin happen, Lilith indispensable implicit her ain ngo of corruption, truthful the Midnight Suns person their ain model of accidental to combat alongside The Hunter and halt Chthon earlier he's adjacent restored.

We'll person to hold and spot however the Midnight Suns and The Hunter instrumentality connected the overwhelming powerfulness of Lilith and her followers. Marvel's Midnight Suns launches connected PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC successful March 2022. For much connected this breathtaking caller crippled from Firaxis, click connected the banner beneath to spell to our hub of exclusive coverage.

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