Where Ida Is Going Next

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U.S.|Where is Ida headed next?


Flooding related to Hurricane Ida on  way   90 successful  Gulfport, Miss., connected  Sunday.
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  • Published Aug. 29, 2021Updated Aug. 30, 2021, 8:20 a.m. ET

As the remnants of Hurricane Ida determination farther inland successful the coming days, the tempest strategy is expected to suffer strength, but proceed to airs a information to galore parts of the Southeast, the National Hurricane Center said.

Ida, which was downgraded to a tropical tempest aboriginal Monday morning, volition apt bring dense rainfall, and perchance terrible flooding, to Louisiana, the confederate parts of Mississippi and coastal communities successful Alabama done the day. The rainfall totals could scope arsenic overmuch arsenic 24 inches successful immoderate parts of southeast Louisiana.

Coastal Alabama and the occidental parts of Florida could spot 5 to 10 inches of rainfall done Tuesday morning, and successful cardinal Mississippi, up to a ft of rain.

Tornadoes are besides imaginable connected Monday successful southeast Louisiana, Southern Mississippi, southwest Alabama and the occidental Florida Panhandle.

On Monday morning, the strategy was astir 65 miles southbound southwest of Jackson, Miss., moving toward the northbound astatine 8 miles per hr with maximum sustained winds of 45 m.p.h. Tropical storm-force winds extended outward up to 150 miles of the center.

The tempest is expected to crook northeast connected Monday, tracking crossed the Middle Tennessee Valley, including Humphreys County, where 20 radical were killed this month arsenic flash floods tore done communities there. The country could spot up to six inches of rainfall connected Tuesday and Wednesday, the Hurricane Center said.

The National Weather Service successful Nashville issued a flood ticker for astir of Middle Tennessee starting connected Monday night.

By Wednesday, the tempest volition determination done the Upper Ohio Valley, dropping arsenic overmuch arsenic six inches of rain.

The rainfall totals for each of these areas could effect successful flash flooding, the Hurricane Center said.

The strategy is expected to weaken during the adjacent time oregon truthful and is expected to go a tropical slump by Monday afternoon.

Johnny Diaz and Derrick Bryson Taylor contributed reporting.

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