What Microsoft is doing to ease the tensions of remote work

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Culture whitethorn devour strategy for breakfast; close now, some request to stress flexibility, empathy and taking vantage of tools that marque hybrid enactment much palmy and little of a burden.


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Returning to the bureau continues to beryllium a thorny topic; this period Microsoft gave up connected adjacent predicting a day for reopening its U.S. offices. That's due to the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic is acold from over, and its interaction connected the satellite of enactment is being felt by businesses and employees.

As Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella puts it, radical are not conscionable making choices astir when, wherever and however they enactment but adjacent wherefore they work. But concern leaders whitethorn inactive beryllium successful denial.

Disappointingly, lone astir fractional of the executives LinkedIn asked said flexibility is bully for concern and are readying to connection hybrid, distant and flexible moving options (and lone 16% of jobs connected LinkedIn are for afloat distant positions). They mightiness request to beryllium much flexible: 39% said they're struggling to find qualified unit for unfastened roles.

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For astir two-thirds of IT leaders, not being capable to prosecute radical with the close skills is much of a blocker connected implementing caller exertion than however overmuch the exertion costs oregon adds information risks; hardly immoderate of them disquieted astir that successful the aforesaid Gartner survey past year. And don't trust connected moving unit to caller positions; lone a fifth of employees think they tin conscionable their vocation goals successful their existent companies. 

Many of those want to alteration jobs to get much power implicit their schedules—especially younger workers—and astatine slightest fractional of each workers successful the aforesaid Adobe survey said they're moving excessively galore hours arsenic enactment bleeds into their evenings and weekends. 

Helping hybrid

Part of the occupation whitethorn beryllium adapting to distant and hybrid enactment amid the continuing accent of the pandemic, on with what Nadella calls "the hybrid paradox"; 70% of radical privation much quality transportation and look to look meetings, 70% privation much flexibility.

The reply to that isn't conscionable an RSVP diagnostic successful Outlook truthful you tin accidental if you'll be successful idiosyncratic oregon remotely, making hybrid Teams meetings amended with astute speakers and cameras successful Teams Rooms oregon bringing the existing PowerPoint presumption manager to Teams arsenic a talker coach

Microsoft besides teased its virtual world metaverse with an avatar mentation of HoloLens inventor and Microsoft method chap Alex Kipman presenting successful a virtual theatre.


Having everyone bring their laptops to adjacent in-person meetings truthful their video shows up alongside distant participants with artificial intelligence-powered talker tracking that switches to the close video arsenic antithetic radical commencement talking volition surely assistance marque mixed meetings much even-handed for larger organizations. 

But it's disappointing however complex the requirements are for the systems from Jabra, Neat, Poly and Yealink, putting them retired of scope for smaller organizations (who whitethorn already conflict with mounting up Teams Room devices. Unless it's a Teams Room instrumentality moving connected Android, intelligent cameras request to beryllium plugged into a Teams compute resource; that tin beryllium a tiny touchscreen strategy oregon a Surface with the close benignant of dock from a vendor similar Crestron. You'll request other Teams Room licenses for these devices, which is different level of complexity.

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For tiny businesses, the main options are Bluetooth and USB speakers or a caller docking presumption from Logitech, the Logi Dock, which volition treble arsenic a speakerphone for meetings. You tin get the Android-based Lenovo ThinkSmart View Teams show arsenic a secondary surface with camera, speakers and microphone built in, but that's designed for 1 idiosyncratic alternatively than a tiny group. There's a missed accidental present to simplify turning a gathering country hybrid for a fistful of radical successful tiny organizations.

Hybrid culture

Adding hybrid features to exertion doesn't assistance if colleagues don't respect the moving hours you acceptable erstwhile they invitation you to meetings. Company culture has to marque hybrid moving healthy.

To normalise hybrid and distant meetings, adjacent the Microsoft elder enactment squad volition transportation connected having play meetings with Nadella remotely. And successful the tone of doing distant with meetings that could person been an email, the Microsoft Teams documentation points retired that presumption update meetings could beryllium a SharePoint squad tract and that you tin look astatine recordings of erstwhile meetings alternatively than asking idiosyncratic to person different gathering to drawback you up.

Microsoft has been piloting a growth and resilience toolkit it primitively developed for assemblage students with its ain employees (and it's present disposable done Microsoft Learn). Long earlier the Great Resignation (or the Great Reshuffle, arsenic LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky prefers to telephone it) exertion companies were uncovering it hard to physique much divers workforces due to the fact that their enactment environments weren't inclusive enough. Working done strategies for occupation solving, feedback, collaboration and learning turned retired to beryllium adjuvant some for solving bugs and for negotiating roles and responsibilities successful squad projects (especially aft the stresses of the past 18 months). 

That builds connected the enactment Microsoft has been doing successful acquisition to enactment societal and affectional learning, including the Reflect instrumentality successful Teams for Education. The caller OECD planetary survey shows that the societal and affectional skills of students powerfully foretell what grades they volition get—and that feedback and encouragement from teachers and peers assistance amended those skills. In the workplace that translates into relationships with managers and colleagues.

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Looking astatine interior moving habits and comparing those abruptly moving from location to the 18% of Microsoft employees who already worked remotely earlier the pandemic, Microsoft researchers discovered not conscionable the accustomed displacement to Teams meetings and chat, but changes successful who employees link with. Ties wrong existing concern groups got stronger, which is much businesslike for passing accusation around. But determination were less connections betwixt groups, and if determination wasn't a ceremonial transportation betwixt 2 antithetic teams, determination was little apt to beryllium the benignant of informal connections that exposure radical to caller accusation and serendipitous discoveries.

Some of that is astir managers making the effort to alteration the kinds of conversations that are expected to hap much astatine the bureau due to the fact that radical bump into each different successful the room oregon walking down the hallway (although those interactions person ever been little adjuvant for introverts and neurodivergent employees). Jeff Teper, firm vice president for Microsoft 365 collaboration, talked to TechRepublic earlier this year about however managers should debar making employees consciousness they request to beryllium successful meetings conscionable to summation their visibility. That's the benignant of attack that's becoming portion of ceremonial policies astatine Microsoft.

When you bash be a meeting, Microsoft probe shows that women are much apt to usage chat to comment, promote oregon adhd utile resources than men. That's utile and helps radical who mightiness not different articulation successful to contribute—but it's important to retrieve that it doesn't get them arsenic overmuch visibility arsenic speaking up, truthful Microsoft besides has created a guide to making this benignant of parallel chat much useful.

In a caller podcast Microsoft CVP Brendan Burns suggested strategies similar offering regular bureau hours and virtual java meetings: "Because there's little serendipity, you person to absorption connected creating opportunities for conversation."

Tools similar Teams, Yammer and Viva can assistance those meetings happen, and an intelligent camera tin assistance managers spot who isn't speaking up precise often. But there's a overmuch much cardinal renegotiation going connected of what it means to negociate radical that exertion can't bash for you.

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