Trump Hijacks A Wedding And Drops F-Bombs About Gen. Milley

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Donald Trump hijacked a wedding astatine his club, started dropping f-bombs astir Gen. Mark Milley, the seat of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


I cognize Trump claims helium doesn’t drink, but helium sounded adjacent much similar a drunk uncle astatine a wedding contiguous than usual. Here, helium calls General Milley a “f*cking idiot.”

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) December 5, 2021

Trump’s small rant isn’t worthy repeating due to the fact that it was different “sir story” wherever Trump paints himself arsenic knowing much than the generals. He concluded his communicative by calling Milley a “f–king idiot.”

This is the behaviour of a erstwhile President Of The United States. Even retired of office, Trump remains a nationalist embarrassment.

Donald Trump is champion suited banished to crashing wedding wherever helium tin rant astir each of his grievances and bash his lounge enactment with his small made up stories successful a spot wherever a captive assemblage tin springiness him polite laughter and applause.

Trump is huffy astatine Milley due to the fact that the General reached retired to China done backdoor channels to guarantee them that the United States would not let Trump to commencement a  warfare aft helium mislaid the election.

The 2020 predetermination decision has served to marque Trump adjacent much incoherent and self-obsessed than helium was before.

People who person worked intimately with him, similar Gen. John Kelly, accidental that Trump volition not tally again, but if helium does, the failed doubly impeached and erstwhile defeated erstwhile president is showing that helium the biggest menace to home information successful the United States.

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