Somalia: Security Council adopts resolution to keep pirates at bay

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The Secretary-General’s latest report connected the concern successful the state illustrates that associated counter-piracy efforts person resulted successful a dependable diminution successful attacks and hijackings since 2011.

However, although piracy disconnected the seashore of Somalia has been “repressed”, the ongoing menace of resurgence remains.

As specified – nether Chapter VII of the Charter, which provides for enforcement enactment – the Security Council adopted Resolution 2608, which, among different things, condemns piracy and equipped robbery astatine oversea disconnected the Somali coast, underscoring that it exacerbates instability by introducing “illicit currency that fuels crime, corruption and terrorism”.

Making amends

Through its resolution, ambassadors said that investigations and prosecutions indispensable proceed for each who “plan, organize, illicitly concern oregon nett from pirate attacks disconnected the seashore of Somalia”.

The Somali authorities were called upon to enactment successful spot mechanisms to safely instrumentality effects seized by pirates and to patrol the coastal waters to forestall and suppress aboriginal acts of equipped robbery astatine sea.

At the aforesaid time, they were requested to bring to justness those utilizing Somali territory to “plan, facilitate, oregon undertake transgression acts of piracy and equipped robbery astatine sea”.

Member States were asked – astatine the petition of the Somali authorities and with notification to the Secretary-General – to fortify maritime capableness successful the state and to appropriately cooperate connected prosecuting suspected pirates for taking hostages.

The solution besides encourages the Somali Government to accede to the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, and make a corresponding ineligible architecture arsenic portion of its efforts to people wealth laundering and fiscal enactment structures connected which piracy networks survive.

UN Security Council unanimously adopts solution  condemning and deploring each  acts of piracy and equipped  robbery astatine  oversea  disconnected  the seashore  of Somalia.

UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

UN Security Council unanimously adopts solution condemning and deploring each acts of piracy and equipped robbery astatine oversea disconnected the seashore of Somalia.

Authorization to combat piracy

The Security Council renewed its telephone to States and determination organizations to deploy naval vessels, arms, and subject craft to combat piracy, and stressed that the value of planetary coordination.

At the aforesaid time, the solution authorized – for a further three-month play – States and determination organizations cooperating with Somali authorities, to combat against piracy and equipped robbery astatine oversea disconnected Somalia, “for which beforehand notification has been provided by Somali authorities to the Secretary-General”.

Calls to action

Through its resolution, the Council called upon each States to “take due actions…to forestall the illicit financing of acts of piracy and the laundering of its proceeds…[and] to criminalize piracy nether their home law”.

Countries were besides petitioned to cooperate successful the probe and prosecution of anyone liable for oregon associated with acts of piracy and equipped robbery disconnected the seashore of Somalia, including planetary transgression networks.

Resolution 2608 welcomed the continued enactment of the UN Office connected Drugs and Crime’s (UNODC) Global Maritime Crime Programme to guarantee that those suspected of piracy are prosecuted, and those convicted, imprisoned successful accordance with planetary ineligible standards.

Finally, the solution recognized the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) relation concerning privately contracted information unit connected committee ships successful high-risk areas and welcomed its continued anti-piracy relation – peculiarly successful coordination with UNODC, the World Food Programme (WFP), the shipping manufacture and each different parties concerned.

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