Simmons' teammate doubles down in new trade twist

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Philadelphia 76ers prima Joel Embiid denied reports of a rift with teammate Ben Simmons amid claims the Australian prima wants retired of Philadelphia.

Just a time aft it was revealed that Simmons officially requested a commercialized successful a "secret" squad gathering with the Sixers, a study successful the USA Today claimed an "escalating" rift with Embiid arsenic 1 of the reasons Simmons was looking for a trade.

Embiid, who conscionable signed a monster max woody with Philadelphia successful caller weeks, denied determination was a split.

"Stop utilizing my sanction to propulsion people's agendas," Embiid wrote.

"I emotion and hatred drama. I emotion playing with Ben. Stats don't lie. He's an astonishing subordinate and we each didn't get the occupation done. It's connected maine personally. I anticipation everyone is backmost cuz we cognize we're bully capable to win.

"From my ain experience, y'all person nary thought however overmuch this media makes up worldly for followers and shame connected you for believing them."

Ben Simmons #25 and Joel Embiid #21 of the Philadelphia 76ers. (Getty)

It's wide Simmons hasn't forgotten astir comments made by Philly caput manager Doc Rivers and Embiid pursuing Simmons' lacklustre show successful the 76ers' nonaccomplishment to Atlanta successful the Eastern Conference semi-finals.

Rivers said helium couldn't reply a question astir whether the 25-year-old could beryllium the constituent defender connected a title team. Embiid besides criticised Simmons for passing the shot to Matisse Thybulle nether the rim alternatively than sprout implicit a overmuch smaller Trae Young astatine the extremity of the Game 7 loss.

Embiid compared Simmons' existent concern successful 2019-2020, erstwhile helium shushed fans for booing him during a mediocre tally of form.

"I haven't forgotten but 2 years ago, I got booed, radical successful Philly wanted maine to beryllium traded," Embiid said.

"I adjacent shushed them. Only the existent ones didn't but I conscionable enactment the enactment successful that offseason to beryllium amended cuz I knew I wasn't playing up to my potential. Philly fans, y'all besides gotta beryllium better."

He aboriginal tweeted: "For clarity, I emotion the criticism, I emotion erstwhile I'm told I can't bash something. It makes maine enactment harder to beryllium everyone wrong" earlier a telling admittance seemingly referring to Simmons.

"But not everyone is built similar that," helium added.

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