See What It's Like To Control IG-88 In Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy's Edge

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On September 15, ILMxLAB is releasing the last occurrence of Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge for Oculus Quest. Titled Last Call, this occurrence explores a assortment of stories, giving players a deeper look astatine the interior workings of Batuu, the accidental to spot Ady'Sun Zee turn into a Jedi Knight, and a bounty to settee done the mechanical eyes of IG-88.

This feared bounty huntsman is voiced by Rhys Darby, known for his enactment connected Yes Man, Flight of the Concords, and arsenic the aviator successful the Jumanji movies. He besides brought Russell to beingness successful Half-Life: Alyx. You tin spot IG-88 successful enactment successful the trailer above. As you tin see, this droid tin rapidly fastener onto targets and packs rather the arsenal. IG-88 is tasked to research the satellite of Nar Shaddaa and way down his target, Boggs Triff.

The trailer besides shows disconnected what you tin expect from the different stories. If you are exploring Batuu, Dok-Ondar requests your assistance successful tracking down a mislaid artifact from Sardeevem Chasm. This spot is crawling with threats, and you'll besides beryllium asked to implicit biology puzzles to scope the artifact. One of the threats Is a hidden First Order facility. You won't beryllium exploring it alone, however. R2-D2, C-3PO, and Hondo volition lend their enactment erstwhile they can.

Ady-Sun Zee's clip successful the VR spotlight focuses connected the grooming of her padawan, Nooa. This High Republic communicative looks to absorption heavy connected this grooming that adjacent includes the operation of a lightsaber.

Last Call is $9.99 connected its own, oregon you tin get the full Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge bundle for $34.99.

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