Pete and Chasten Buttigieg Welcome 2 Children to Their Family

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Politics|Pete and Chasten Buttigieg Welcome 2 Children to Their Family

In posts connected Twitter and Instagram, the mates shared the archetypal photograph of their newborn lad and daughter.

Pete Buttigieg, right, and his husband, Chasten, announced connected  Saturday that they had go  parents of a lad  and a girl.
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Sept. 4, 2021, 2:33 p.m. ET

Pete Buttigieg, the proscription secretary, said connected Saturday that helium and his husband, Chasten, were present the parents of 2 children, making him the archetypal openly cheery furniture caput to go a genitor portion serving.

“We are delighted to invited Penelope Rose and Joseph August Buttigieg to our family,” Mr. Buttigieg, 39, said successful a connection connected societal media, sharing a photograph of his girl and lad for the archetypal clip since announcing past month that they would go parents.

In the image, the couple, seated connected a infirmary bed, are smiling arsenic they each cradle a newborn. The Buttigieges did not instantly respond to a telephone telephone seeking comment.

Mr. Buttigieg surfaced successful nationalist authorities erstwhile helium entered the statesmanlike contention successful 2019 arsenic politician of South Bend, Ind. This year, Mr. Buttigieg and Chasten, 32, relocated to Washington aft Mr. Buttigieg became proscription secretary, making him the archetypal openly cheery furniture subordinate to beryllium confirmed by the Senate. He is besides the youngest subordinate of President Biden’s cabinet.

Mr. Buttigieg and Chasten, a erstwhile mediate schoolhouse teacher, wed successful 2018. Since Mr. Buttigieg entered the nationalist spotlight, they person often sought to upend perceptions of cheery relationships.

“People are accustomed to authorities looking a antithetic way, and you’re present to marque definite that, you know, it tin look a antithetic way,” Chasten said successful an interview with The New York Times this spring.

The mates had been exploring adoption successful caller months. Chasten, who wrote a memoir published successful June astir increasing up cheery successful the Midwest, besides precocious told USA Today that the mates was navigating the process of starting a family.

“We person rather a fewer friends successful our ellipse who’ve navigated that, truthful we’ve conscionable been having a batch of conversations with friends and started trying to fig retired what volition enactment for us,” helium said.

After the mates indicated past period that they were successful the process of adopting children, activists said that the Buttigieges’ announcement could reshape assumptions of cheery fatherhood.

“As parents, they volition present radiance a nationalist spotlight connected L.G.B.T.Q. families, who often look daunting challenges due to the fact that of outdated policies that narrowly specify what families are,” Annise Parker, the president of the Victory Institute, an enactment that helps hole L.G.B.T.Q. radical to tally for governmental office, said successful a statement.

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