Lost Judgment Pre-Order Bonuses, Deluxe Editions, And DLC Roadmap Revealed

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For Yakuza fans excited to get their hands connected the spin-off Lost Judgment, the latest adventure's merchandise is conscionable astir the corner. For anyone looking to scoop up a fewer other goodies, Sega has conscionable revealed a roadmap of DLC arsenic good arsenic the antithetic editions disposable to acquisition alongside pre-order bonuses. 

Which Lost Judgment variation should you get? 

The game's motorboat is slated for September 24, with an Early Access play acceptable for September 21. There are 3 versions of the crippled to purchase, including the Digital Deluxe and Digital Deluxe versions. There volition beryllium adjacent much contented post-launch for those who opt into the second 2 options, including caller stories. 

Quick-Start Support Pack

  • Health items 
  • New Extract recipes
  • Wayfarer's Lucky Cat
    • More in-game yen

Detective Essentials Pack - September 24

  • More detective dogs
  • New skateboard and skate park
  • Sky Spider Drone 
    • Extract recipes
  • Additional girlfriends 
  • Four much Sega Master System games
    • Global Defense
    • Alien Syndrome
    • Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-Opa
    • Sagaia
  • Fight Super Shin Amon

School Stories Expansion Pack - October 26

  • New Motorcycle
    • Includes much parts and a caller contention course
    • New creation nine outfit and adjacent sweeter creation moves
    • New robot
    • Spar with Kaito, Sugiura, and Higashi
    • "Take the caller boxing combat benignant retired to the streets"

New communicative DLC: The Kaito Files - Spring 2022

The Kaito Files is the biggest DLC for Lost Judgement and volition travel with the Digital Ultimate Edition for a accidental to play arsenic Kaito himself. This DLC volition beryllium wholly autarkic of the main Lost Judgment storyline and volition adhd a bonus of 10 hours of caller contented and a unsocial warring style. 

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