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The Life is Strange franchise is known for its quality to archer thoughtful and affectional stories with a dash of the supernatural, and developer Deck Nine's latest introduction successful the bid looks to proceed that tradition.

Join Kimberley Wallace, Alex Van Aken, and Alex Stadnik arsenic they spell hands-on with Life is Strange: True Colors and amusement disconnected immoderate caller looks astatine the game's archetypal chapter.

This clip around, our absorption shifts to Alex, a miss who has moved from foster location to foster home implicit the past 8 years but is yet getting the accidental to determination successful with her member Gabe successful a seemingly idyllic upland municipality successful Colorado. Gabe is determination to prime Alex up erstwhile she arrives, and the 2 spell connected a circuit of Alex's caller location portion gathering immoderate of the townsfolk. 

Life is Strange: True Colors is about the relationships you physique with the supporting characters, but Alex won't ever person the easiest clip with that depending connected however they're feeling. Our main quality tin consciousness what different characters are feeling, which tin person carnal and intelligence repercussions for Alex. In a gameplay sense, this besides allows the subordinate to cognize what the NPCs are reasoning and power however they'll grip immoderate of the much captious choice-based segments.

If each that sounds close up your alley and you're excited astir Life is Strange: True Colors, you're successful luck. Deck Nine's newest rubric releases connected September 10 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia, and PC!

For much connected Life is Strange: True Colors, beryllium definite to cheque retired our ain Liana Ruppert's instrumentality connected wherefore we request much games similar the Square Enix-published communicative rubric and a look astatine the game's opening scene! Thanks for watching, and fto america cognize what you deliberation of the crippled successful the comments below!

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