How to activate Windows offline using Microsoft's text-based options

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Microsoft Windows activation tin beryllium tricky erstwhile you're utilizing idiosyncratic bundle licenses connected systems not connected to the internet. See however you tin prevention clip to get it done arsenic rapidly arsenic possible.

All existent Windows products necessitate activation with Microsoft to corroborate their validity and forestall bundle piracy. This tin beryllium a elemental and casual process for computers connected to the net oregon successful an bureau situation with entree to a Key Management Server (KMS), which tin grip the activation process successful the background. KMS periodically reactivates Windows connected machines to guarantee their licenses stay legitimate.

Unfortunately, it's a spot trickier to get Windows activated if you're not fortunate capable to person net entree (such arsenic connected a strategy connected to an interior web subnet that does not licence net entree for information reasons) oregon a moving KMS server.

In my case, I ran afoul of a rampant Windows activation punctual connected respective company-owned servers I administer due to the fact that the KMS server went down and yet the servers stopped utilizing what they considered valid licenses. Worse, Microsoft limits the functionality of unactivated Windows machines, preventing you from performing tasks specified arsenic customizing the taskbar oregon applying patches.

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Since these servers were owed for immoderate captious patches to beryllium applied, I needed to determination arsenic accelerated arsenic possible. I was capable to rapidly get Windows activated connected these machines portion besides preparing to get a caller KMS server stood up aft the fact. I conducted these steps connected respective Windows 2012 machines, but they should besides use to Windows 10, 11 and 2016.

You tin usage this process whether you person a KMS server that's "in the shop," truthful to speak, oregon you don't person a KMS server astatine all. It relies connected a smartphone with texting capability, truthful marque definite to person 1 handy.

I privation to accent that this is simply a morganatic process sanctioned by Microsoft; it is not a "hack," nor does it impact piracy. 

First you volition apt request to right-click the Start menu, take System, click Activate Windows oregon Change The Product Key Or Upgrade Your Version Of Windows, past click Change Product Key and use the merchandise key.  

In my case, Windows wouldn't judge the cardinal I knew to beryllium valid, truthful I opened a bid punctual and ran the slmgr (Software License Manager) bid arsenic follows:

slmgr /ipk (Windows merchandise key)

That worked, truthful adjacent I utilized the Software License User Interface bid to run:

slui 0x4

This kicks disconnected the offline activation process. You'll beryllium prompted to prime your state oregon portion (Figure A). 

Figure A


Once you click Next, you'll beryllium provided a surface akin to the 1 successful Figure B.

Figure B


Call the fig shown and you volition beryllium walked done a paper by a dependable adjunct that volition inquire whether you consent for the telephone to beryllium recorded and inquire what merchandise you're calling about. Answer "Windows" and past erstwhile asked if you person a smartphone accidental "yes" and consent to the proposition that the adjunct substance a nexus to your phone, which you tin usage to implicit the activation process. This is overmuch faster and easier than utilizing the default phone-based interface, which is dilatory and tedious, not to notation prone to error.

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The substance volition travel successful close away. As you tin spot successful Figure C, I had to repetition the telephone a fewer times implicit the people of my enactment arsenic the nexus does expire, but if you're accelerated enough, the aforesaid nexus volition enactment for 2 oregon 3 activations truthful you tin trim the times you indispensable initiate the telephone call.

Figure C


Click the nexus and past you'll beryllium taken to a leafage akin to the 1 successful Figure D.

Figure D


In my case, determination were 7 digits successful the archetypal artifact of the installation ID successful the activation window, truthful I selected that arsenic my answer.

I was past prompted to participate the 9 sequences of numbers shown connected my server successful the adjacent surface connected my telephone (Figure E). Please enactment I had to pat the bare tract nether "1" a fewer times earlier the enactment to plug successful the digits came up; this caused maine a spot of disorder and uncertainty astir the functionality of the interface, but it worked good erstwhile I knew the mode to proceed.

Once I enactment successful the full acceptable of sequences I clicked Submit.

Figure E


I was past taken to the surface shown successful Figure F, which gave maine 8 sequences of numbers arsenic shown. These numbers are based upon the numbers that had been displayed connected my server surface nether the Installation ID section. They are unsocial and based upon my Windows merchandise code, truthful they volition activate lone that server.

Figure F


I switched backmost to my server and clicked Enter Confirmation ID and was taken to the surface shown successful Figure G.

Figure G


I past typed successful the 8 sequences of numbers connected my smartphone and clicked Activate Windows, which brought up the surface shown successful Figure H.

Figure H


It was arsenic casual arsenic that!

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