How a Surprise Discovery of Photographs From the 1960s Meets the Moment

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A trove of images were recovered successful a photographer’s household home. Now they are portion of an accumulation opening adjacent week successful Harlem that captures pivotal years successful the Black Panther Party.

Jeffrey Henson Scales, center, erstwhile   helium  was 14 years old, astatine  a Black Panther Rally to escaped  Huey Newton, a co-founder of the radical  that was connected  proceedings  for the sidesplitting  of a constabulary  officer, successful  San Francisco successful  May 1969.
Credit...Janine Wiedel

Pierre-Antoine Louis

Sept. 4, 2021, 2:45 p.m. ET

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Not agelong aft his parent passed distant successful 2018, a monolithic relic from Jeffrey Henson Scales’ puerility was unexpectedly recovered successful his family’s home. His stepfather and older member were preparing the location for an eventual merchantability erstwhile they came crossed a trove of 40 rolls of film.

“We deliberation these are astir apt yours,” they told Mr. Scales, a lensman and a photograph exertion astatine The New York Times.

Included successful the rolls were photographs that Mr. Scales had taken erstwhile helium was a teen — images that captured large cultural, governmental and societal moments of the 1960s. There were pictures of pupil protests successful Berkeley, Calif., photos of Jimi Hendrix, Sly and the Family Stone astatine the celebrated Fillmore Auditorium successful San Francisco, and astir 15 rolls of the Black Panther Party.

Mr. Scales was some thrilled and relieved that the photos had not been mislaid to time.


Credit...Chad Batka

Now, they are portion of an accumulation that opens Sept. 16 astatine the Claire Oliver Gallery successful Harlem. The exhibition, “In a Time of Panthers: The Lost Negativesshowcases a bid of photographs captured by the young Mr. Scales erstwhile helium was immersed successful the Black Panther question successful Northern California. The images seizure the question — and its lasting reverberations and interaction connected today’s Black Lives Matter question — and besides people a pivotal clip successful Mr. Scales’ life, erstwhile helium realized his ain powerfulness arsenic an creator and young activist.

I spoke with Mr. Scales astir his clip with the Black Panther movement, however his photographs from that play stay applicable contiguous and what helium hopes for those who spot his images. Our speech has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

How did you get immersed successful the Black Panther question successful Northern California?

My begetter was somewhat of an activist. We had moved from the Haight-Ashbury vicinity successful San Francisco successful 1964 to Berkeley, to this location that had a ballroom successful it, and we had large parties. When Stokely Carmichael passed implicit the enactment of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee to H. Rap Brown, they had the solemnisation and ceremonial astatine our house. My parent would instrumentality maine to the picket lines successful San Francisco erstwhile I was a young child, erstwhile they were protesting segregated hotels. So we were activists.

It was 1967 and I was 13 and I had a batch of friends that inactive lived successful Haight-Ashbury, and that was going to beryllium the Haight-Ashbury Summer of Love. My parents said, “Well, possibly we’ll nonstop him to enactment with his relatives successful the Midwest.” And truthful I went to Minneapolis to enactment with my father’s sister. And past my grandma was going to instrumentality maine astir to the antithetic relatives successful places similar Des Moines, Chicago, Detroit, and that turned retired to beryllium the “long, blistery summertime of 1967.”

There were riots successful a fewer of these places successful the municipality centers and I hadn’t truly seen thing similar that. And I deliberation I astir apt got a small spot radicalized to immoderate grade and moved by it. And past the Panthers were starting to prime up successful the Bay Area. So I started going and taking pictures of them and conscionable hanging out. They gave maine truly unthinkable access. And I’m not wholly wide arsenic to why, but they did.

What was it similar being astir each these moments astatine specified a young property and capturing them?

Photography was similar a hobby and it was thing amusive to do. My begetter was an amateur lensman and we had a darkroom astatine the house. But successful Oakland and Berkeley, the Panthers were the coolest radical successful the movement. The full presumption with the leather jackets, the berets. They were precise cool. You had the hippies successful San Francisco, and past you had the Black Panthers successful Oakland, and it was precise almighty and that was astatine a clip successful ’68, with the Vietnam War.

The question was feeling like, we could alteration society. We could person an effect. It was a precise breathtaking spot to be. It was unsafe due to the fact that of constabulary unit against the Panthers. I retrieve being successful the bureau wherever they had stacked up sandbags nether the windows due to the fact that you ne'er knew erstwhile the constabulary were going to conscionable commencement opening occurrence connected the bureau due to the fact that they had done that astatine 1 of the Oakland offices.

As a teen that’s each precise breathtaking due to the fact that you’re not that acrophobic with information similar you are arsenic you get older. And I believed successful trying to halt constabulary unit against Black radical successful the assemblage and the different basal issues of the civilian rights movement. They went from 2 oregon 3 offices successful the Bay Area to 60 crossed the country. There was a swell of attraction to this organization.

Walk america done a fewer of the images that are portion of the exhibition.


Credit...Jeffrey Henson Scales

This representation was the time Huey Newton got retired of jail. They called maine and said, “Oh, helium was getting out, we’re going to person a property conference.” And truthful I went implicit determination erstwhile helium was talking to the press. We knew each different from maine visiting him successful the Oakland jailhouse during the trial, truthful this was 1 framework wherever helium was really making oculus interaction with maine directly, which is wherefore I similar that frame.


Credit...Jeffrey Henson Scales

I spent a batch of clip photographing Bobby Seale. I retrieve considering that 1 of my archetypal palmy photographs that I truly captured conscionable similar however I wanted it. When I was 11 oregon so, my begetter gave maine a Leica camera. That was similar my autarkic survey of photography. I retrieve reasoning the creation connected this worked retired truly perfect.


Credit...Jeffrey Henson Scales

I similar this representation of them each lined up and holding the celebrated Huey Newton poster by the lensman Blair Stapp. I similar the feline with the crystal pick cone. This is crossed the thoroughfare from the Alameda County courthouse successful Oakland. Apparently, my begetter worked connected that poster with Blair and Eldridge Cleaver. He told maine that successful the 1990s.

Can you speech a spot astir the parallels successful these images to the infinitesimal that we’re surviving successful now?

You spot the repeated cases of constabulary murdering Black people, and with the internet, cellphones and the media, we visually spot however overmuch brutality is happening. And past seeing the Black Lives Matter question prime up, it had a definite familiarity. It brings backmost a batch of memories of that clip and idiosyncratic vexation that we’re inactive going implicit this. There’s a spot of sadness there. But astatine the aforesaid time, seeing a overmuch broader question is besides inspiring.

Who bash you anticipation the accumulation reaches?

I similar that the assemblage is successful Harlem. I anticipation it reaches young radical that aren’t acquainted with this peculiar facet of Black civilian rights history. I anticipation it pushes radical to look into what the Black Panther Party was really about. The archetypal Black Panthers were truly astir gathering an allyship with each races and each kinds of people. They were focused connected the Black community, but they weren’t a nationalist organization. That was 1 of the conflicts that came with immoderate of the different groups astatine the time.

They had an ideology and a level for circumstantial things that they wanted to do, and assemblage work was a large happening that they did, serving the assemblage and improving the community.

What did you larn being astir the Black Panther Party?

As a young activist, I learned however important it is to person a factual ngo to assistance amended the assemblage you’re speaking for. It’s not conscionable astir slogans and protests. It’s besides astir improving communities and serving underserved radical successful those communities, and however important that is. I’ve conscionable benignant of been precocious reasoning astir what I learned and wherever it each fits 50 years later.

Pierre-Antoine Louis is simply a quality adjunct connected the National Desk and a newsman for Race/Related. Much of his enactment focuses connected race, individuality and culture.

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