From the Field: ‘climate-smart’ development in an uncertain world

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Today, erstwhile the UN plans initiatives to assistance susceptible communities go much resilient, the clime situation has to beryllium portion of the equation. The UN Development Programme (UNDP) is connecting the dots betwixt radical and the impacts that clime alteration is having connected their lives.

Solar h2o  installation  successful  Ethiopia

Solar h2o installation successful Ethiopia, by UNDP

Every solution is different, and is adapted to the needs of each community. From micro-hydropower successful Nepal, to decentralizing entree to h2o systems successful Colombia, climate-proofing agrarian settlements successful Rwanda, and gathering much integrated nationalist adaptation plans successful Bhutan.

As countries enactment to trim their c footprint and accommodate to clime change, trim risks, and physique much resilient societies, important advancement is being made towards a much sustainable future. Find retired much here.

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