Fluffy Coin, Meme Coin from Teenage Youtuber that Hit a $1 Million Cap in 24 hours – Should You Buy?

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When teenage YouTuber Biaheza decided to make Fluffy Coin, it was each successful bully amusive and games. In fact, the young California nonmigratory wanted to amusement his followers connected societal media and different platforms conscionable however casual it is to make a meme coin. He adjacent insisted during the video that radical should not bargain Fluffy Coin. Here is however things unfolded:

  • The Teenage YouTube sensation announces he’s astir to make a $ 1 cardinal coin

  • Creates a website and a fake “Developer” squad to backmost the project

  • In 24 hours, the coin is astatine $ 1 cardinal and it soon starts to summation traction

  • A assemblage of Fluffy investors forms and soon, the coin is listed connected Coinbase. Goes connected to deed a $4.2 Million marketplace cap.

Data Source: Coinmarketcap.com

How Did Fluffy Coin Become Huge?

As with each meme coins, Fluffy Coin rode the question of societal media and influencer publicity to standard its height. It had nary developers backing it oregon a squad down it. The Youtuber conscionable copy-pasted a crypto codification and boom, Fluffy Coin was born. 

However, things got serious. Within 24 hours of creating the coin, it had gone from zero to a marketplace headdress of $1 Million. But things didn’t extremity there. At the clip of penning this post, the meme coin was already astatine $4.2 cardinal successful marketplace cap.

Should You Buy Fluffy Coin?

Meme coins tin marque you a ton of wealth successful a abbreviated time. It each depends connected however soon you get successful and however agelong you thrust the growth. As for the Fluffy coin, it seems the coin has reached its afloat potential. It is aft each a one-man team, oregon truthful it appears, and since it was created conscionable for amusive successful the archetypal place, determination is truly nary upside close present to invest.

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