Fastvan Last Mile Delivery Platform Solves Complex Vehicle Routing Problems, ETA’s, Manage Failed - Re-attempted And Returns, Saving Money On Complex Delivery Operations Costs, Provide Real-Time Connectivity And Communication To All Parties Involved.

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Streamlined Supply Chain Operational System

Efficient fulfilment operations are essential in providing quick deliveries. Pencil pushing, white board for order taking and the usual phone calls to the drivers are methods of the past. Any enterprise that wants to grow must invest in a robust platform that can create hundreds if not thousands of deliveries with advanced geocoding as well as integration capabilities, and the ability to immediately assign orders, consolidate loads and multiple stops seamlessly.

Unfortunately, many businesses still hold on to systems incapable of transferring information in real-time and don’t centralise their data within a single platform. Owners should find a platform that can process multiple data from various sources for a more streamlined operational workflow and instant intelligence, with Fastvan a single-platform with multiple application synchronised for all parties involved in supply chain, such platform that supports all modes of delivery, enabling shippers, third-party logistics providers, Freight brokers, freight forwarders, manufactures and carriers the ability to

procure, plan, optimise, execute, and settle their cargo movements with full control-dispatcher visibility is a must.

Automated Order Dispatching, Complex Dynamic Routing And Constraints

LTL, FTL, On-demand service deliveries rely heavily on speed and real time information. After all, consumers unable to get their purchases fast will look for another company. Thus, it is imperative to examine the different processes, such as planning, dispatching and routing, real time ETA’s, Predictive analytics, to determine if there are any inefficiencies in the order fulfilment process. Companies can use automated systems to address these inefficiencies in ways they may not have thought of, a true TMS would take into account real world constraints such as “Weight and Dimension Capacity, Time Window, Traffic Data, Driver Schedule, Closest Drivers, Time Zone, Route Deviation”, users can achieve this with Fastvan self-learning algorithm.

Manage Fuel And Labour Costs

We are moving more items and more fleets, more often than ever.

This makes it hard for even the most experienced shippers to plan and execute. A lack of transportation visibility, volatile fuel prices, reduced capacity, higher labour costs, new tariffs and governmental regulations all have a hand in higher costs to serve and more pressure on margins.

Transport management systems must become more flexible and responsive to price and service pressures to harmonise inbound logistics management, outbound logistics management and carrier management with the demands of customers.

Fastvan route optimisation aims at minimising cost and maximising customer service. Each organisation has different priorities and parameters for optimised routes. To save on fuel cost, several times, delivery organisations ask for shortest-distance routes. Sometimes least time is more important than least distance, when labor cost minimisation is more important than fuel.

In some cases, it’s most cost saving to evenly distribute stops among a given number of trucks. This makes sense when the added labor cost is more than the added cost of an extra truck on the road.

Sometimes customers have commitments on time windows for specific clients. In some cases, for an extra charge a customer is able to ask for a commitment on a time window. So route optimisation needs to be done while “pinning” these time windows and create shortest possible distance for the remainder of the stops.

Fastvan’s dynamic Intelligent route optimisation algorithm allows users to control their parameters, and in an easy-to-use map-based graphical user interface, presents the multi-type route optimiser such that with the click of one button, thousands of stops consolidated and scheduled to hundreds of trucks in just minutes, the algorithm takes into account fuel consumption, fuel cost and driver labour cost, thus scheduling to correct fleet and driver pool. 

Increased Asset Utilisation And A Control Tower To Maximise Real Time Visibility On Drivers And Data

Having eyes on drivers on the road goes a long way in optimising delivery times and streamlining the workflow. This is because real-time information on drivers offers valuable insights on how deliveries are actually taking place and can be moved as planned thus dispatcher overviews route deviation, on time and delayed deliveries, real time traffic data. Moreover, visibility on driver activity also helps identify inefficiencies on the road so that they can be corrected instead of going unnoticed,

With Fastvan supply chain platform dispatcher not only reduce transportation costs but with real time capacity update and schedule, by dispatching additional loads, the system continuous re-routing automatically, dispatcher achieves maximum fleet capacity utilisation at all times, 

Customer And End User Alerts

Consumer behaviour now entails providing customers and their client’s with real-time information on their orders. This includes providing them with alerts usually via customer web application, and tracking URL that can be sent out via text or email to their client/end user, based on their channel preference. These tracking tools drastically help customers and their clients to know when the delivery vehicle is on route and nearby and eliminate customer calls to the office trying to trace their delivery ETA.

Fastvan is a leading provider of SaaS TMS and Last Mile solution that enable end-to-end optimisation of supply chain operations and customer experiences in last-mile delivery. The company’s platform includes modular tools for self-scheduling, route optimisation, customer communication, real-time tracking and ETA, proof of delivery, and delivery metrics, performance, intelligence and analytics. With customers across North America, Europe, Asia, Africa.  Fastvan is used by businesses of all sizes, and a wide range of industries including furniture, appliances, building supplies, food, and beverage, retail, Manufacturing, Freight Forward, Transportation and logistics. 



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