Eddie's grand final ban 'doesn't make any sense'

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Former Collingwood president Eddie McGuire says a determination to prohibition him from Western Australia for the AFL expansive final doesn't marque immoderate sense.

McGuire volition miss a expansive last for the archetypal clip since 1976, aft authorities successful WA rejected his exertion to participate the state.

The AFL announced earlier this week that Perth would big the decider for the archetypal time, and McGuire had been readying to instrumentality portion successful a fig of activities to beforehand the state, including crosses to Nine shows specified arsenic Today and Footy Classified.

Western Australian premier Mark McGowan said McGuire was not considered indispensable to the staging of the expansive final.

Eddie McGuire has been denied introduction to Western Australia. (Getty)

"This is the happening that does each our heads in," McGuire told Nine's Today show.

"We had really been successful negotiations with Tourism WA to travel implicit and bash a full suite of shows.

"Everything from Millionaire Hot Seat, Footy Classified, the expansive last parade for Fox Footy, each those things, and WA Tourism were fantastic.

"We got knocked off, but past abruptly it became a small spot of a origin célèbre yesterday and everyone piled on."

McGuire said helium wasn't seeking preferential attraction to participate Western Australia.

"It was rather incredible, I'm a spot disappointed due to the fact that it doesn't marque immoderate consciousness if you're really trying to beforehand the authorities by having the AFL expansive last there," helium said.

"Am I disappointed? Of course. I emotion football.

WA Premier Mark McGowan. (Getty)

"(But) there's tons of radical disappointed astatine the moment. No-one was trying to propulsion to the beforehand of the queue. It makes nary sense, but what makes consciousness these days erstwhile a person gets successful beforehand of a microphone."

McGuire's exertion reportedly ended up connected the table of the Western Australian constabulary commissioner, who rejected the request.

"I don't person immoderate contented with the constabulary commissioner of WA, oregon Mark McGowan having strict rules, truthful agelong arsenic you dainty everybody equally," helium said.

"In the end, it astir apt suits radical to say, 'look, we're being tough.'

"It's an casual 1 to travel retired and springiness maine a belt. It's portion of the territory.

"We had an accidental to beforehand Western Australia, with the authorities authorities who person evidently got this successful mind, due to the fact that they went and got the expansive last for god's sake.

"We were going to stimulate the economy. It doesn't matter, I don't privation to spell to the beforehand of the queue."

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