Denon DJ Now Fully Compatible with Virtual DJ Desktop Software

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Virtual DJ and Denon DJ have finally confirmed a collaboration millions of established and aspiring DJs have been waiting for. Confirmed in a joint release from the two brands, the newest version of Virtual DJ is now fully compatible with the vast majority of Denon DJ Prime players from the current collection.

This includes the Prime 4, Prime 2, SC6000/M and SC5000/M, which as of now can be used to control and interact with practically every function and feature packed into Virtual DJ 2021. Originally teased by Virtual DJ back in April, the collaboration was initially pegged to take place slightly earlier. “Unless something goes wrong, we will offer full support in a month or so, for both Prime 4 and SC5000,” Virtual DJ was quoted as saying, shortly before the UK was hit by the COVID-19 crisis.

Though it seems it was an update worth waiting for, judging by the response from those who’ve already put Virtual DJ 2021 through its paces on Denon’s latest gear.

Intuitive, Immersive and Inspiring

“Once you’ve selected your EQ choice, you’re ready to go. Everything works as you would expect it, browsing and loading tracks, cues, loops, pitch and effects all straightforward and just like using the hardware in standalone mode. While you can scroll on the touch screen when browsing tracks, you can’t swipe to load a track just yet. As it works as a touch screen to control your computer you can also easily use functions like dragging to reorder folders, press cue pads on screen, needle search through a track or even scratch a Waveform.” - DJkit

Virtual DJ has been one of the industry’s most popular and celebrated software packages for more than two decades, chalking up in excess of 122 million downloads. Used by hobbyists and professional DJs worldwide, Virtual DJ is a trusted tool the sector has come to rely on.

With its new extended compatibility, Virtual DJ 2021 brings an extensive range of exclusive features and functionalities to Denon DJ Prime users. And as always, the new 2021 update is 100% free of charge to download and use for all existing Virtual DJ customers.

An Exercise in Expert Integration

“All in all, this is integration done very very well. VDJ is a hugely powerful software and the new integration with Prime lets you maximise the potential of it with great ease. Almost every aspect of the software can be controlled from the Prime unit, allowing you to keep the laptop out of sight. Even the sample decks and video controls are accessible from the controller. You can trigger the stock samples in VDJ and even the instrument loops for live remixing all from the touch screen. You can even control the individual level of each sample.” - DJkit

All Denon DJ Prime players that are now compatible with Virtual DJ are available at DJkit at guaranteed UK-low prices. Free shipping is also available on all orders over £50, with flexible finance options to spread the costs of larger purchases.

Head over to the official product pages of the Prime 4Prime 2SC6000/M and SC5000/M for full details and technical specifications.

About DJkit:

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