Cryptowisser has announced new Comparision Tool.

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crypto service comparison site, Cryptowisser has now released its revolutionary Comparision tool which helps you compare cryptocurrency exchanges against each other in an instant. Comparing cryptocurrency exchanges has – up until now – been very difficult to do.

To use the VS comparison tool, you simply input the exchanges you want to compare, and you are then presented with a comparison table, showing the following features of each exchange you want to compare:

  • User scores
  • Trading fees
  • Withdrawal fees
  • Deposit methods
  • Number of supported cryptos,
  • Whether US-investors are allowed
  • Whether the exchange offers derivatives trading
  • Years of operation

All of the information is updated on a monthly basis.

For example, if you would compare the contracts trading platforms PrimeXBT and Bexplus, you would see that it is showing that they are quite similar to each other in terms of deposit methods and offers, but that PrimeXBT has lower trading fees and a higher user score on Cryptowisser.

There is no similar tool on the market today, and the release of this tool is another step taken by in its ambition to make the crypto space easier to access and navigate.

The market of cryptocurrency exchanges is becoming more transparent with each passing day. Historically, however, it has been very difficult to understand the offering, fee levels, and customer satisfaction scores of each different crypto exchange, but that information is now becoming more easily available. Something which Cryptowisser decided to build on and incorporate in the above mentioned VS-tool, to facilitate even more for all interested crypto investors.

Cryptowisser already operates the world’s largest list of Cryptocurrency exchange. Their focus is on providing up to date and accurate information as well as educational content for crypto users to make purchasing decisions and service choices. In line with that ambition, they have written 1,000+ reviews of the various exchanges, debit cards, wallets, and merchants that they feature on their site (more than any other site in the world).



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