Brutal warning for Aussie NBA young gun

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In the days starring up to the 2021 NBA Draft successful July, Australian teen Josh Giddey was inactive successful the acheronian astir wherever his NBA location would be.

The 6'8" constituent defender was somewhat of a enigma coming into the draught and was tipped by galore draught experts to beryllium selected determination betwixt picks 10 and 12.

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A commercialized connected the greeting of the draught saw the Memphis Grizzlies get the 10th prime from the New Orleans Pelicans, and the Grizzlies were picked arsenic Giddey's squad successful some ESPN and The Athletic's mock drafts.

Speaking to Wide World of Sports up of Giddey's NBA debut for the Oklahoma City Thunder, his begetter Warrick revealed however adjacent Giddey came to joining the lone different squad he'd worked retired for: the Golden State Warriors.

Giddey looked poised to caput to San Francisco with the No.7 prime successful the draught to articulation Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, until helium turned Thunder proprietor Clay Bennett's caput successful a stunning backstage workout.

Giddey was seen arsenic a astonishment prime by OKC Thunder GM Sam Presti successful this year's draught (Getty)

"When helium worked retired with Oklahoma, they bought the proprietor down and it was ironic, Josh said the proprietor was clapping and cheering arsenic helium was making shots due to the fact that they were the lone ones successful the gym," Warrick Giddey, a erstwhile pro successful Australia himself, said.

"Then they did a psych trial with him and gave him immoderate apparel and to me, that was capable to suggest that they were truly funny astatine No.6."

However, contempt impressing Bennett with his stellar workout, the Australian was near successful the acheronian arsenic the Thunder played "possum" according to his father.

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"The cause couldn't get a gauge due to the fact that they wouldn't instrumentality calls," helium said.

"There's a batch of worldly going connected down the scenes. Golden State had made interaction and said they were keen to instrumentality Josh astatine prime 7 if helium was inactive connected the committee astatine that stage.

"Going into the draught that night, we were reasonably assured that if helium got done to 7 Golden State would instrumentality him, but we were perfectly thrilled erstwhile Oklahoma decided to instrumentality him.

Giddey's begetter says his lad would've been thrilled astatine the accidental to play alongside Stephen Curry (Getty)

"It would've been [a surprise] to the public. Josh had done a workout with those guys successful Golden State earlier the draft, and they were the lone 2 workouts helium did due to the fact that helium was with the Boomers.

"He'd done each the verbal interviews and met astir of the teams face-to-face and we thought that was much important truthful radical could spot the size of him."

While the allure of playing alongside Curry would've been appealing for Giddey himself, his begetter feared the Warriors could draught his lad and woody him to different team.

"We were ever disquieted that Golden State might've got him and past on-traded successful a Ben Simmons woody oregon different owed to the information that Steph Curry and the elder players were saying they've got a model of accidental to triumph a title and astir apt thought they couldn't bash it with a young draught pick," helium said.

"It would've been a large spot to spell to, ideate getting drafted into a squad with Steph Curry, Josh would've conscionable been beside himself, but realistically determination was a accidental helium would've got traded."

Giddey's cause had mentioned anterior to the draught that Oklahoma City would beryllium the cleanable acceptable for the 19-year-old, leaving his household thrilled astatine the eventual outcome.

Giddey poses with NBA commissioner Adam Silver aft being drafted by the Oklahoma City Thunder (Getty)

"We wouldn't person adjacent truly considered it until they were talking to him," Giddey's begetter said.

"Before helium got drafted, the cause was saying this would beryllium the champion acceptable present successful Oklahoma – a young group, a smaller city, not arsenic galore distractions, conscionable benignant of a spot retired of the road, truthful it ticked astir of the boxes.

"They've ever gone young successful the draught – astir of the superstars they've got person been draught picks.

"Their windows aren't massive, determination wouldn't beryllium heaps of players having 10-12-year careers there, but hopefully Josh tin beryllium 1 of those players.

"A batch of them bash similar the large lights and they similar to bash their clip determination and astir determination on, but hopefully they tin support this radical unneurotic for a important clip and person a ace astatine it successful three-to-five years' time."

Despite the Giddey prime raising eyebrows connected draught night, it's looked similar a location tally by Thunder GM Sam Presti aft a tremendous pre-season from the Aussie.

Josh Giddey #3 of the Oklahoma City Thunder drives to the handbasket against the Denver Nuggets during a preseason crippled (Getty)

Giddey started each 4 of OKC's pre-season hitouts, starring the squad successful minutes with 28.9 per game, portion posting averages of 13.5 points, 7.0 rebounds and 5.0 assists, with the rebounds and assists besides team-highs.

With No.1 prime Cade Cunningham injured to commencement the season, and the different 4 players up of Giddey, Houston's Jalen Green, Cleveland's Evan Mobley, Toronto's Scottie Barnes, and Orlando's Jalen Suggs having indifferent pre-seasons, Giddey is an aboriginal Rookie of the Year favourite.

The acceptable alongside his young Thunder teammates has been perfect for Giddey, and his begetter says the youngster is thrilled to beryllium successful Oklahoma City.

"He's loving it. He feels comfy and helium loves his teammates," helium said.

"They're specified a young radical with a young manager and they're each going connected the aforesaid way successful a sense, truthful to beryllium honorable I don't deliberation determination is overmuch unit connected the squad arsenic specified to triumph games, it's much astir however they play and astir improving week-to-week.

"He's truly excited to conscionable get retired determination and spot wherever they beryllium wrong the ranks of the league.

Giddey gets successful a antiaircraft stance against reigning NBA Finals MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo during the pre-season (Getty)

"They're going to beryllium playing the Lakers, Utah successful the archetypal game, which volition beryllium amazing, Philly's coming up, truthful they're going to play immoderate beauteous damn bully teams – I deliberation 7 oregon 8 of the archetypal teams they play were finals contenders, truthful they're thrown to the wolves.

"He conscionable loves the players, they're a bully clump of young kids. The manager has indicated that he'll beryllium playing tons of minutes, whether that means helium starts oregon not [remains to beryllium seen], I would suggest helium volition if he's started each 4 pre-season games.

"The manager has truly said to expect a batch of minutes this year, they privation to propulsion him and they privation to spot what he's got."

While Giddey dabbled successful tennis, cricket and Australian rules shot arsenic a youngster, hoops ever remained his fig 1 love, peculiarly with some of his parents playing professionally.

However, it wasn't until helium turned 16 that Giddey started turning heads connected a regular basis.

"Mentally, he's ever been up of the clump and ever sees the crippled a walk ahead, it was conscionable a substance of his assemblage catching up with the skills helium already had," his begetter said.

Giddey was a portion of Australia's squad during pre-Olympics tune-up games played successful America (Getty)

"He could've done a batch of the worldly he's doing present astatine 6'4" but it astir apt wouldn't person had arsenic overmuch interaction arsenic helium has astatine 6'8".

"He missed the authorities Under-16s broadside arsenic a top-age kid and past helium missed the authorities Under-18s broadside arsenic a bottom-ager and it was close past that helium started peaking.

"Once helium went down to the NBA Global Academy astatine 16, that was erstwhile we thought, 'Okay hoops could beryllium his future'. It was the NBL oregon the NBA and it was conscionable a substance of however large helium grew and however hard helium worked."

Giddey's household won't beryllium successful attendance for his regular play debut, but got to acquisition a sensation of the NBA satellite astatine the draught successful July, an acquisition his begetter described arsenic "surreal".

"We saw the different satellite that the NBA radical unrecorded in, you could possibly accidental it's different universe," helium said.

"[The happening that stood out] was astir apt conscionable the wealth they spent. The backstage pitchy from New York to Oklahoma, it was the archetypal clip connected a backstage pitchy for maine and ideate 13 and 16-year-old girls [Giddey's sisters] jumping connected and wondering what's each this beingness about, truthful that was beauteous amazing.

"Just to spot their facilities, the professionalism, money's conscionable not an contented for them, whereas everything present is simply a fund successful astir of our sports.

"You deliberation of the AFL, they're astir apt astatine the apical of the heap successful presumption of Australian sport, multiply that by 10 oregon possibly 100, that's the NBA. They privation thing and it costs half-a-million, they spell and bargain it."

While Giddey has enhanced his estimation greatly passim the pre-season, his begetter has 1 portion proposal for his son: to enactment humble.

"Being a nonrecreational subordinate doesn't springiness you a close to dainty radical otherwise and to deliberation that you're supra and beyond people," helium said.

"He's truly humble, he's got a bully consciousness of humility I think, truthful it's truly astir keeping his feet connected the ground. Don't fto it each get up of himself and support moving hard, that's the main thing.

"I deliberation helium realises that a large radical of NBA players' careers don't past much than two-to-four years, truthful helium knows the value of these adjacent fewer years to beryllium capable to spell and get that adjacent contract.

Josh Giddey is the 3rd subordinate successful consecutive years to spell from the NBL to being a first-round NBA prime (Getty)

"A batch of young kids get determination and are overwhelmed with the wealth and spell crazy. They enactment and they walk the wealth and they don't ore connected the occupation astatine manus – which is to go a amended hoops subordinate and to support your occupation successful the league."

Giddey is the 3rd subordinate to beryllium drafted successful the archetypal circular of the NBA Draft having played successful the NBL's Next Stars programme aft Charlotte's LaMelo Ball and Orlando's R.J. Hampton, and his father, whose No.6 jersey is retired by the Melbourne Tigers, says it is astir clip the satellite took announcement of Australia's home competition.

"I deliberation America's missed the boat, possibly not successful the past 10 years, but successful the 20 years earlier that," helium said.

"You had large players similar [Andrew] Gaze and [Mark] Bradtke, determination was a wealthiness of Australian endowment that were astir apt bully capable to play successful the NBA.

"You've got to beryllium arrogant of the mode they've marketed it and what they've done done the Next Stars programme and truly putting america connected the planetary map.

"We've had the endowment present for a agelong clip and it's conscionable bully that America's yet woken up started to odor the roses.

"Hopefully, with what LaMelo's done and present Josh, it's truly opened their eyes that the imports who person travel present person made it a stepping-stone to the NBA."

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