Biden Administration to Tackle Lead in Drinking Water

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By Robert Preidt and Robin Foster
HealthDay Reporter

FRIDAY, Dec. 17, 2021 (HealthDay News) -- In an effort to further little pb levels successful drinking water, the Biden medication connected Thursday announced $2.9 cardinal successful infrastructure measure funds for pb tube removal and tighter pb limits.

The new, tougher limits to beryllium imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are expected to beryllium finalized by 2024 and would necessitate the replacement of remaining pb drinking h2o pipes arsenic rapidly arsenic possible, the White House said successful a statement announcing the caller plan.

"Over the past year, I person visited with and heard from communities successful Chicago, Flint, Jackson, and galore different areas that are impacted by pb successful drinking water," EPA head Michael Regan said successful an bureau statement. "These conversations person underscored the request to proactively region pb work lines, particularly successful low-income communities. The subject connected pb is settled — determination is nary harmless level of vulnerability and it is clip to region this hazard to enactment thriving radical and vibrant communities."

In remarks made astatine the AFL-CIO's Washington, D.C., office connected Thursday, Vice President Kamala Harris acknowledged the extremity is lofty.

"The situation that we look is, without immoderate question, great. Lead is built into our cities. It is laid nether our roads and it is installed successful our homes," Harris said.

Environmental advocates had mixed reactions to the 10-year plan.

"The apical precedence indispensable beryllium to necessitate removal of each pb pipes wrong the decennary and to acceptable a strict at-the-tap standard, which is the lone mode to forestall different procreation of kids from drinking h2o done what is fundamentally a pb straw," Erik Olson, elder strategical manager of wellness astatine the Natural Resources Defense Council, told the Associated Press. "Good intentions won't beryllium capable to get the occupation done."

John Rumpler, elder lawyer with Environment America, told the APthat the plans are "long overdue and an indispensable measurement toward securing harmless water." He besides said the EPA should acceptable a 10-year deadline to regenerate pb work lines, arsenic New Jersey did successful July.

The Trump-era regularisation said nationalist h2o systems should regenerate 3% of their pb work lines each twelvemonth if pb levels transcend 15 parts per billion. That complaint is little than the erstwhile 7% requirement, but Trump medication officials said astatine the clip that the regularisation eliminated loopholes that allowed h2o systems to debar removing pipes and would really marque the replacement process faster.

The national authorities estimates that arsenic galore arsenic 10 cardinal homes nationwide get h2o done pb work lines, which link buildings to the h2o main. Lead from the pipes tin get into the water.

Ingestion of pb tin origin terrible developmental and neurological problems, particularly successful children, the AP reported.

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Visit the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for much connected lead successful drinking water.

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