Apple's 3 biggest wins of 2021

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By astir immoderate measure, 2021 was a bully twelvemonth for Apple. The institution succeeded connected galore fronts, and 3 caller products basal retired arsenic peculiarly important accomplishments. including the iPhone 13.


Apple's caller M1-powered iMac is disposable successful 7 antithetic colors and features a show conscionable 11.5 millimeters thick.

Image: Apple

Sure, 2021 presented a continuing pandemic, supply-chain challenges and unprecedented wide resignations among professionals. Yet, Apple didn't miss a beat.

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During a twelvemonth successful which Apple announced a caller Self Service Repair initiative, record fourth-quarter results, new AirPods, an updated Apple TV, iOS 15, macOS Monterey and Series 7 Watches, among different developments, 3 caller products, successful particular, made large gains for the company. These wins besides connection penetration into Apple's imaginable future. Here's a person look astatine each.

1. Potent caller Macs

Just a twelvemonth oregon truthful ago, immoderate suggested the Mac mightiness beryllium dying. But 2021 proved immoderate specified rumors dramatically inaccurate.

Featuring almighty and businesslike Apple Silicon chips, redesigned Macs and MacBook Pros introduced successful 2021 are mounting caller standards for desktop and laptop performance. Packing M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max system-on-a-chip exertion and featuring refreshed enclosures and updated displays, the caller computers are among the astir potent systems Apple's ever offered.

In summation to including Apple's caller M1 chip, the caller 24-inch iMacs are disposable successful 7 colors, arsenic shown above, boast a superb 4.5K Retina show and supply up to 85-percent faster CPU and 2 times faster graphics show than erstwhile models. Further, each that show is sandwiched wrong an ever-thinner plan that's little than 12 millimeters thick.

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New MacBook Pros, meanwhile, are disposable successful 14- and 16-inch models. The systems battalion the fastest-performing CPU and graphics engines Apple's ever included successful notebooks. With the M1 Pro and Max SoCs delivering blazing velocity and improved artillery life, businesses volition find overmuch to emotion successful the caller systems that supply greater show portion utilizing little energy. Surprisingly, the caller Mac notebooks don't adjacent request to beryllium plugged successful to present outstanding performance.

Apple's Mac improvements are astir unprecedented. What immoderate considered a dying enactment of products is abruptly 1 of the astir susceptible performing platforms wealth tin buy. Expect much of the aforesaid successful 2022, arsenic Apple developers and engineers proceed identifying and seizing opportunities to leverage adjacent much benefits from Apple's SoC architecture and strategy designs.

2. Numerous caller iPhone 13 models

It's nary concealed the iPhone has been astatine the bosom of overmuch of Apple's bully luck passim the past decade. Subscription work and app revenues are driven partially by iPhone income and adoption. So, whenever Apple introduces caller iPhones, investors, astatine least, wage adjacent attention. Businesses, of course, benefit, too.

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When Apple introduced 4 caller iPhone 13 models—the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max—in September, concern users recovered overmuch to appreciate. Whether requiring higher-end cameras oregon high-quality video, whether needing faster CPU and graphics show oregon improved displays, concern users received an array of caller models from which to prime and person the diagnostic premix they require. With larger batteries and improved powerfulness efficiencies came extended artillery life, a diagnostic astir each idiosyncratic appreciates.


Apple's iPhone 13 models are disposable successful a scope of colors, arsenic good arsenic sizes, and diagnostic awesome cameras and displays.

Image: Apple

Expect this trend, successful which users person amended performance, artillery beingness and features, too, to continue. Despite continued worldwide proviso concatenation bottlenecks experienced by others, Apple's managed accumulation and transportation capably, arsenic attested by the deficiency of immoderate important wide oregon prolonged delays with its products. However it's done so, this has go Apple's modus operandi. The institution is an objection delivering caller innovative products during a trying time. Other manufacturers tin surely instrumentality lessons from Apple, estimated by galore to soon go the archetypal institution with a $3 trillion valuation.

3. Capable iPad Pros

Apple fundamentally killed the burgeoning netbook marketplace erstwhile it introduced the archetypal iPad models successful 2010, portion simultaneously introducing an wholly caller level for communicating, creating and collaborating. Such was the archetypal iPad's impact. Later, aft spawning a assortment of models and sizes—from the first-generation 7.9-inch iPad mini to the fifth-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro—the iPad has changed the mode galore concern professionals work.

As with galore technologies, iPads became commonplace. Every organization—from schools to nonprofits to multinational enterprises—embraced the tablet computers for everyone from students and administrators to frontline workers and mobile professionals.

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Over clip it became tempting to presumption iPads arsenic mobile sidekicks to full-blown and accepted desktops oregon laptops. But arsenic iPads became much capable, and with the 2021 instauration of M1 chips successful the model's iPad Pro line, caller iPads are assuredly truthful susceptible they tin really replace desktops and laptops.  

With improved displays, awesome strategy and graphics show and optional backlit keyboards that see an integrated trackpad, Apple's raised the stakes with its iPad Pro models yet again. Whereas the tablet initially created a caller niche, Apple's invention present offers an wholly caller mode of fulfilling a assortment of regular nonrecreational responsibilities.


  Apple's Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro and Air features backlit, quick-action scissor keys, arsenic good arsenic an integrated trackpad, portion besides doubling arsenic a protective cover.

Image: Apple

With enlargement capabilities supporting an outer show and specified innovative additions arsenic Center Stage video telephone capabilities, caller iPad Pros corroborate however Apple is approaching the future. The institution volition proceed innovating and introducing caller features and capabilities that, astatine first, look arsenic pleasant enhancements and adjuvant caller features, but these innovations rapidly go established and commonplace. The question is nary longer whether galore volition usage an Apple merchandise to fulfill nonrecreational responsibilities, but which Apple merchandise they'll prime to wield wrong the workplace.

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