America’s Most Hated First Lady, Melania Trump Doesn’t Want To Come Back To The White House

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Melania Trump is the slightest fashionable archetypal woman successful history, and she doesn’t privation to ever travel backmost to the White House.

Melania Trump Doesn’t Want To Return To The White House


CNN comes retired with the "exclusive" that Melania Trump doesn't privation to spell backmost to the White House if Trump would ever beryllium president again, which is not astonishing since determination has ne'er been a much disinterested and disrespectful First Lady successful US history.


CNN reported:

 On a standard of Melania’s interest, which is — you know, she’s not the astir enthusiastic political spouse that American politics has ever seen. It’s not ace unusual, I think, that she isn’t funny in really picking up the mantle here and going backmost for a second round. People I spoke to who cognize her very overmuch deliberation that was a chapter successful her beingness that’s over, it’s private, she wants to return to her backstage world. 

She wasn’t a prolific presence on the 2016 campaign, either. People stopped seeing her, the campaign stopped asking her if she wanted to bash events due to the fact that the reply was ever no. President Trump at the clip said don’t fuss her. So she’s already benignant of acceptable the precedent that is not something she wants to prosecute in.

CNN near retired 1 different important point. Melania Trump was a unspeakable First Lady.

Melania Trump Is The Least Popular First Lady In History

A CNN poll that was taken erstwhile she fled Washington with her failed one-term president hubby revealed:

The latest CNN/SSRS pollhad Trump’s favorable standing astatine 42% to a 47% unfavorable rating. The 47% is the highest unfavorable standing we ever recorded for Trump. It’s besides amazingly precocious from a humanities perspective.


Take a look astatine the last CNN and Gallup polls that asked astir archetypal ladies popularity since Pat Nixon. The mean archetypal lady’s last popularity standing earlier Trump was 71% with an unpopularity standing of 21%. That means the mean nett popularity standing for these archetypal ladies was +50 points.

Melania Trump is historically unpopular, and she earned each ounce of contempt from the American people.

Most Americans Don’t Want Melania Trump Back.

From her infamous “who gives a f–k astir Christmas” rant to her I don’t care, bash you overgarment worn portion visited kids separated from their parents astatine the border, MelaniaTrump showed thing but disrespect for the White House, the presumption of First Lady, and the American people.

Melania Trump destroyed the historical Rose Garden and claimed that a healthy fare and caller aerial could trim the hazard of COVID.

This is simply a pistillate who lone moved to the White House after renegotiating her prenup. 

If Trump promises her much money that helium doesn’t truly have, she volition bash anything.

However, she doesn’t privation to travel backmost to the White House, and the immense bulk of Americans don’t privation her back.

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