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Ashwood Trail, $195,900, Michael A. Minton, Pamela M. Minton, Linda C. Mendenall and Sandra K. McCune to Gregory B. and M. Connie Brown
2463 Baker Lane, 94,500, Angela A. Clark to Scotti L. and Ramona M. Burns
260 N. Birks St., $35,000, Amanda Grimes, estate administrator, to Eric T. Winder and Miriam J. McKinney
825 Buccaneer Pt., $450,000, Richard E. and Cheryl Chamblin to Shane and Michelle Fancher
6980 Camp Warren Road, $110,000, David Samples, J. Kaye Storey and Kimberly C. Lemire to Esther and Glenn Williams
1736 E. Cantrell St., $38,900, Anthony S. and Andrea N. Bennett to Gina Manson

3118 Colorado Drive, $95,500, Timothy Scott Stearns, James Patrick Stearns, Robert Douglas Stearns, Terry Joe Koontz, Terry Alan Koontz-Decamp, Michelle Koontz-Barham and Wesley Alan Koontz, Sr. to Robin G. Curry
2315 Grandview Drive, $82,500, Ryan P. and Melissa Rinchiuso to Macie Gillis
717 W. Harold Circle, $259,900, Joshua and Aryn Peters to Ron L. and French S. Wilson
202 S. Joynt Road, $129,000, Roger L. and Kathy A. Trusner to Jeffrey and Tricia Benton
984 W. Karen Drive, $122,000, Lillian Anderson to David and Sandra Stockton
3817 N. MacArthur Road, $74,300, Joshua P. Crawford to Scott Eugene McCurry
4473 W. Main St., $45,500, Geraldine A. Dodson and David A. Slifer to Jared B. Odell
3657 E. Maynard St., $88,000, Susan E. Horath to Jan D. and Sandra L. Curry
1768 E. Moore St., $2,000, Lucy Mullinax to Larry Cox
922 E. Mueller Ave., $7,000, Vincent Roberts to Rosalba E. Hernandez-Martinez
1320 Nickey St., $35,000, Regions Bank to John L. Cullison
2220 W. Ravina Park Road, $108,000, Henry Colbert, Jr. and Joan D. Colbert Revocable Trust to Barbara J. Metz

945 E. Riverside Ave., $17,500, Beverly M. Freeman to Julian C. Mills
380 Scovill Court, $85,000, Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, to Robert C. and Tamara S. Foley
281 Southmoreland Place, $275,000, Peter and Debra Sutherland to Jeffrey and Stacia Lynch
340 Timber Place, $145,500, Cynthia Hollingsead to Eric and Anna Carlyle
1845 W. Waggoner St., $11,750, Central Illinois Christians in Mission to Shannon Bertram
2433 Wakefield Drive, $65,000, Neil M. Dettling to Dennis M. and Cheryl M. Dettling
1718 Walnut Grove Ave., $19,000, Heidi N. Alexander to Timothy J. Baldwin
2001 N. 31st St., $12,000, Andrew R. Hendrian to Deamatios C. Henz
10953 Cabin Road, $515,000, Timothy and Carolyn J. Malm to Brian and Karen Yocks
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