14 dividend stocks from a winning value manager as the broader market hits record highs

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Professional investors pursuing worth strategies stress full returns implicit the agelong haul. But immoderate investors privation existent income to spell on with that growth.

John Buckingham, exertion of the Prudent Speculator Newsletter, shares a database of 14 dividend stocks selected for output and value, below.

The Prudent Speculator (TPS) is published by Kovitz Investment Group of Chicago and tops the database of investing newsletters with 30-year show records tracked by the Hulbert Financial Digest. The Prudent Speculator Portfolio has had an mean yearly instrumentality of 15% implicit the past 30 years done July 31, compared to an mean instrumentality of 10.7% for the S&P 500 Index SPX, -0.25%.

Kovitz has astir $7.2 cardinal successful assets nether management, chiefly successful abstracted lawsuit accounts, but besides successful the Al Frank Fund VALUX, +0.63%, which is rated 4 stars (out of five) by Morningstar and co-managed by Buckingham.

The Prudent Speculator Portfolio includes 80 stocks identified arsenic suitable for three- to five-year investments. Starting from astir 3,000 publically traded U.S. companies, Buckingham and his colleagues constrictive the database to place highly liquid, “potentially undervalued” names comparative to the market.

Then they use a acceptable of proprietary screens for “deeper quantitative factors,” specified arsenic levels of currency and debt, however overmuch it costs to work debt, erstwhile a company’s indebtedness securities mature, superior expenditures and nett margins.

Finally, the squad looks astatine qualitative factors, specified arsenic the strengths of companies’ brands, their intelligence property, absorption and the prime of fiscal reporting.

Buckingham and his squad volition often trim oregon exit positions if banal prices transcend the people prices they set, portion sending continual updates to TPS subscribers, on with elaborate monthly newsletters.

Dividend worth stocks screen

Buckingham supplied a database of 14 stocks with dividend yields astatine slightest doubly arsenic precocious arsenic 10-year U.S. Treasury notes TMUBMUSD10Y, 1.330%, which presently output 1.30%. The S&P 500 Index has a weighted dividend output of 1.33%, according to FactSet.

Buckingham’s database besides meets these criteria:

  • Forward price-to-earnings ratios good beneath the weighted guardant P/E of the S&P 500, which is 21.4, according to estimates among analysts polled by FactSet.
  • Forward estimates for net per stock (that is, for the adjacent 12 months) supra trailing adjusted EPS.

Here’s the list, successful alphabetical order:

Company Dividend yield Closing terms – Sept. 2 TPS terms target Implied upside potential Forward P/E Trailing adj. EPS Cons. EPS estimation – adjacent 12 months
Amgen Inc. AMGN, -0.56% 3.12% $225.96 $286.62 27% 13.1 $16.26 $17.23
Bristol Myers Squibb Co. BMY, -1.06% 2.96% $66.12 $102.90 56% 8.4 $6.76 $7.91
Cardinal Health Inc. CAH, +0.35% 3.63% $53.57 $80.76 51% 9.2 $5.55 $5.81
International Business Machines Corp. IBM, +0.12% 4.69% $140.01 $171.06 22% 12.2 $8.75 $11.50
International Paper Co. IP, +0.02% 3.40% $60.30 $72.16 20% 10.7 $3.28 $5.62
Juniper Networks Inc. JNPR, +0.03% 2.72% $29.37 $35.20 20% 16.4 $1.71 $1.79
Leggett & Platt Inc. LEG, -0.53% 3.46% $48.62 $64.68 33% 16.2 $2.81 $3.00
Lockheed Martin Corp. LMT, 2.90% $358.05 $501.21 40% 13.0 $25.71 $27.61
M.D.C. Holdings Inc. MDC, -0.75% 3.03% $52.82 $77.40 47% 5.8 $7.03 $9.12
Merck & Co. Inc. MRK, -0.49% 3.37% $77.12 $102.01 32% 12.8 $5.77 $6.03
New York Community Bancorp Inc. NYCB, -0.12% 5.42% $12.55 $17.97 43% 9.4 $1.09 $1.34
Pfizer Inc. PFE, -0.86% 3.33% $46.84 $58.01 24% 12.4 $3.14 $3.77
Seagate Technology Holdings PLC STX, +1.24% 2.99% $89.50 $113.90 27% 10.9 $5.81 $8.24
Verizon Communications Inc. VZ, -0.05% 4.63% $55.29 $75.91 37% 10.4 $5.14 $5.32
Sources: Kovitz, with EPS estimates from Bloomberg; FactSet

The dividend yields scope from 2.72% for Juniper Networks Inc. to 5.42% for New York Community Bancorp. NYCB, -0.12%.

On the little end, the dividend yields whitethorn not beryllium precise impressive. But if you see however debased yields are for bonds and for preferred stocks, the premium prices (over look value) for astir of those and Buckingham’s main nonsubjective of share-price appreciation, this database includes stocks that whitethorn beryllium perfect for income-seekers who besides privation growth.

As always, if you are considering idiosyncratic stocks, you should bash your ain probe to signifier your ain sentiment astir each company’s strategy and its quality to stay competitory for the adjacent decade, astatine least. And past you request to show institution updates.

The lawsuit for stocks

Buckingham supplied the pursuing graphic, which includes mean annualized full returns for assorted plus classes from March 31, 1977 (the period the Prudent Speculator was established) done June 30, 2021:


All the sock categories person had overmuch amended show connected mean than immoderate of the enslaved categories during this play of much than 44 years. The vantage of the enslaved categories has been predictability of returns, underscored by the debased modular deviations.

To beryllium sure, growth-stock strategies person been the winner, by far, for 10 years done June 20, with a 17.9% mean yearly instrumentality for the Russell 1000 Growth Index RLG, -0.24% vs. an 11.61% mean instrumentality for the Russell 1000 Value Index RLV, -0.15%.

But for the 44-year period, worth stocks arsenic a radical person prevailed.

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